Madison Valley

is a charming Seattle village with a European flair. We offer an eclectic mix of sophisticated shops, services, and restaurants. Our independently owned businesses attract visitors from afar, and shopkeepers greet customers by name. Here you’ll find people enjoying the good life, strolling the sidewalks, pausing to chat and explore. Join us, say hello, and stay awhile.

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Events at McGilvra Elementary


Local resident and McGilvra PTA Board Member Hunter Robbins has sent a rundown of recent events and activities at McGilvra Elementary. Click the link to below to read full descriptions.

Run-a-thon. An annual fund-raising event.
Class of 1958 Gift to McGilvra Library. A surprise donation.
Harvest Dance. With a spooky garden.
McGilvra & YMCA Food Drive. Bring your non-perishable items.
Christmas Trees & Wreaths. Pickup and delivery available.
African American Students & Academics Meeting. A dinner event.
Veterans Day. Vets are invited to talk with students.



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Enter Your Fur Kid in All The Best’s Costume Contest!


October 25–31, bring in your costumed dog or cat for a special Halloween treat and we’ll take a photo for our contest. One winner from every All The Best Pet Care store will receive a $25 All The Best gift card. Winners will be announced on Facebook  Nov. 1. 

Hint: we give extra credit for pet parents who are in costume, too!



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AFH Salon at the Northwest Styling Awards


AFH Salon was thrilled to participate in the first annual Northwest Hairstyling Awards as part of Seattle Style Weekend on September 13th, with two of our stylists nominated for awards and the whole team providing hairstyling for runway shows (pictured below)!


We love taking care of our clients’ hair for everyday looks, but it’s always a great experience when we’re given the opportunity to flex those creative muscles and do some fabulous, avant-garde hair.

Danaelle Bell was nominated for the newcomer award (her work is at top) and Jeremy Todd Abraham was nominated for hairstylist of the year (his work is below)!


For tips, tricks, and more great reads, head over to AFH’s blog.


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Tonight's Madison Valley Community Council Meeting CANCELED


Several members of the council are sick or unavailable so tonight's meeting is canceled. The next meeting will be posted to Nextdoor and on the events page soon. 


Pets of Madison Valley Oct 2014


The first of our little visitors is a brand new girl Japanese Spitz puppy, who came to us with her new family in a matching ensemble of pink polka-dots!


Second is Kaiju the bulldog, trying to convince us he's actually scary in his new Halloween costume. 


Third is a sweet little Great Dane puppy, giving both Mr. Rogers and Bill Cosby a run for their money in the cute sweater department!


Our fourth visitor can only be described as mind-meltingly adorable: a Frenchie puppy wearing a sock monkey hoodie! Look. At. That. Face. 



See special offers from All The Best on pet food and supplies.

Logo-All the Best Pet Care


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September 2014 Police Reports


Fifty incidents were reported to the police during September, up a bit from August. The number of vehicle-related incidents was about the same as in August, and there were no reported robberies or assaults. However, attempted or completed burglaries were much more frequent.

1. A forcible entry burglary was reported on Sept. 1 at a residence on 25th near Olive, but the police have not posted a description of this incident.

2. On Sept. 11, while the owner was away between 10:30 AM and 1 PM, a burglar threw a large rock through the kitchen side door of a home on Ward near 25th Ave. and took two laptop computers, an iPad and a Bluetooth speaker. The burglar also rummaged through several desks and cabinets, but apparently found nothing worth taking. Police were unable to find fingerprints, and a neighbor reported seeing no suspicious activity during the time.

3. Sometime between 10 PM and 1 AM during the night of Sept. 12–13, a burglar entered a residence on 26th Ave. near Highland through an unlocked upper window and stole two laptop computers. Police were unable to find fingerprints at the scene.

4. On Sept. 13 police responded to a tripped alarm call at 5:19 PM at a business on E. Madison near 29th. They arrived about 10 minutes after the alarm and found that a glass pane in a door on the east side of the building had been smashed, allowing someone to gain entry to the building. The alarm apparently frightened off the would-be burglar, however, because the police were unable to find anything amiss other than the damaged door, and the owner also found nothing missing.

5. On Sept. 13 between 5:30 PM and 7:30 someone gained entry to a home on 21st Ave. near Union through an open bathroom window. The burglar(s) took a laptop, a tablet and a GPS watch, and rummaged through two cabinets. No fingerprints were recovered from the scene.

6. Another burglary occurred at about the same time on the same day in a nearby home at 5:50 PM. Responding to a call reporting that an alarm had been tripped at the residence, police arrived to find that someone had pried open the back door and then proceeded to ransack the house. The burglar(s) apparently set off the alarm upon entering the living room. The homeowner, who had been getting a haircut during the burglary, was unable to determine whether any valuable items had been taken.

7. On Sept. 21 just before midnight, police were called to a residence on 31st near John to respond to a burglary in process. Upon arriving at the scene the police detained a suspect who was later identified not only as the person who had been attempting to enter the residence, but as someone who had sprayed painted a neighbor’s house about an hour earlier. Police took the suspect, described as a white male in his early 20s wearing a dark colored hoodie and a white backpack, to the King County Jail and charged him with residential burglary.

8. Police received a report of a burglary at a residence on 22nd Ave. E. near Highland on Sept. 29. When they arrived, the victim reported that someone had taken a pressure washer, a weed eater, and a gas can from his detached garage sometime during the previous ten days. There were no signs of forced entry, and other valuable items in the garage were not stolen. The victim also told the police that he had noticed that the items were missing several days earlier, but upon calling to report the burglary had been informed that the phone lines were busy at that time and that he faced a lengthy wait. Due to the time that had passed since the incident, the police did not check for latent fingerprints.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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Plan to push ‘bus rapid transit’ on Madison moves forward


“The Madison Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project is an opportunity to construct capital improvements that will allow a faster, more reliable, more comfortable transit ride,” Maria Koengeter, project manager for the Madison BRT initiative said at the presentation Tuesday night.

The presentation visuals and conclusions are posted in full on the Capitol Hill blog:


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New Building at the Triangle


The Madison Apartments will be a mixed-use building on an existing vacant lot on the corner of East Madison Street and 23rdAvenue East. The project hopes to successfully develop a challenging site that is currently a missing tooth in the urban fabric, provide housing and commercial opportunities that are scaled to the local housing and business needs, and to develop a high quality building that is authentic to its time and is responsive to its context.

HUP West

We will be presenting the project at a Central Area Land Use Review Committee community meeting on October 15th, 6:30 pm at the Bullitt Center.

Full details at the link. 

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Maple Viewing Festival at Seattle Japanese Garden on Oct. 12


Take in the breathtaking sight of maple trees ablaze in fall color at the Seattle Japanese Garden on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014, when the garden hosts its annual Maple Viewing Festival.

Maple Trees

Visitors are invited to enjoy live music, hands-on nature activity stations sponsored by the University of Washington Botanic Garden and Japanese calligraphy demonstrations from Meito-kai from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There will also be complimentary tours at 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. where guides will provide historical information and identify the different species of maple at the garden.

The event is free with garden admission: adults $6; youth age 6–17, seniors age 65 and older and students with ID $4. Admission is free for children ages 5 and under.

The Seattle Japanese Garden is located at 1075 Lake Washington Blvd. S. For more information, visit


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Your Perfect French Vacation


Local French teacher Virginie Blackmoor will be hosting an event at Pioneer Hall in Madison Park called "My Perfect Trip to France." Learn the secrets of traveling in France directly from a French native.

Full details are at her website:


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Artist Reception at Madison Art Collective


Tomorrow, Thursday, from 5 to 8 p.m. the Madison Art Collective will be holding a reception for Ruth Hesse at the Baas Framing Studio.

Interstitial, 24" x 36" Monotype by Ruth Hesse

The artist will be showing her monotypes, a type of print created by transferring a painted image from a smooth plate to paper. The ink may be transferred by hand, applying pressure to the back of the paper as it rests on the inked plate, or with an etching press. Ruth Hesse uses both techniques, building layer upon layer of colored inks to create rich, textural, one-of-a-kind prints.

Light refreshments provided.

Baas Framing Studio
2703 East Madison
Seattle, WA 98112


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520 & Montlake Lid


For those who could not attend last week’s 520 Bridge meeting, there are extensive illustrations and diagrams online explaining the updated design for the Montlake Lid area.



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ACTION/FEEDBACK: Dorffel Drive Intersection Reconfiguration Study


Your feedback is needed on an experimental pedestrian safety intersection reconfiguration. Please share this invitation for feedback to anybody you know who uses Dorffel Dr E and the intersection of E Harrison St at Lake Washington Blvd (between The Bush School and Lake View Park). As supporters of safe routes to schools, parks and other local destinations, your feedback is very much needed at some point between now and Oct 6th.


As part of The Bush School's commitment to experiential education, students in the 2014 winter Action Module Program (AMP) ventured beyond the traditional classroom setting and engaged with local community organizations to develop a Safe-Routes-To-School map.

The students identified the three way intersection of E Harrison St, Lake Washington Blvd and 37th Ave E (separating The Bush School from Lake View Park) to be a hazard to students arriving by foot or by bike from the south (Denny Blaine, Madrona and Leschi).

When asked by the Denny Blaine Neighbors for Safer Streets (DBNFSS), local community groups (Madison Park Community Council and Madison Park Greenways) agreed to help study this issue. Subsequently, the MPCC collaborated with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to execute a 6 week test of a new configuration of the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd and 37th Ave E.

From Aug 18 through Oct 6, this new configuration will be evaluated using temporary materials to see how it performs and to see if there are any unforeseen problems with the configuration. The final reconfiguration won't resemble the current one. Numerous usability problems are already apparent, but data from this experiment will inform the design process.

While SDOT will conduct quantitative traffic volume and speed data as part of this study, qualitative data is needed in order to understand who uses this intersection (and especially Dorffel Dr E) and what role it plays in the lives of those who depend on it today. Love it or hate it, this is where your experience and insights are crucial to a successful long term outcome.

In order to fully participate in this data gathering activity, it's important for you to experience the test reconfiguration in as many ways as possible. Since it's primarily a pedestrian safety study, we ask you to walk from The Bush School through this intersection to Lake View Park and back. Experience it at different times of day and in different lighting conditions. If you drive, try it out from each of the three legs of the intersection. Note whether traffic is moving more slowly, attentively and carefully than before. If you own a bicycle, try rolling between the barriers and see if you feel more or less comfortable waiting for a break in traffic than before.

Once you've experienced it fully, come back and fill out this short survey to capture your experiences. (Pardon that some of the text fields are small, you can paste in responses from a text editor or word processor if you find it easier.) If you have further insights later, come back and give more comments. Spread the word, we need lots of feedback.

After the test period, the temporary treatment will be removed so we can study the traffic with the previous configuration.

Thank you for your support and patience during this experiment. Your written feedback is vital to informing the design process.


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August 2014 Police Reports


There were 42 incidents reported to the police during August, down from the 56 incidents reported in July. Most of the difference between the two months stemmed from a decrease in vehicle-related crime reports; there were 19 such reports in August compared to 31 in July.

Two completed robberies and an attempted robbery were reported in August.

1. On Aug. 5 at about 2:30 AM a woman who was walking home near 27th and E. John was shoved from behind by someone who then ripped her backpack off her shoulder. The backpack contained her wallet, credit cards, iPhone, and house keys. The woman described the robber as a black male about 5' 8" tall. The police drove her home and made certain that there was no one in her residence.

2. On Aug. 13 at approximately 10:30 PM a woman who was sitting on a bench in Prentis Frazier Park was approached by two unknown males. One of them pointed a handgun at her and told her “give me you stuff.” The woman began to scream, and the robber told her to stop screaming or he would shoot her. After the woman gave the robbers her backpack and phone they fled south on 24th and about half a block away got into a dark 4-door sedan. The police were unable to find any sign of the vehicle during a search of the general area.

3. On Aug. 16 at around 1:30 AM two women who were walking home along 23rd near Union, noticed a white male dressed in a grey hoodie and wearing a bandana over his face approaching them from behind. As he drew near, the man pointed a gun at the women and said something they were unable to understand. Both women then sprinted north on 23 and soon arrived at their home, which is a short distance from 23rd and Union. Neither looked backward as they ran north, and the police were unable to find the gunman when they later searched the area.

There were two burglaries reported during August.

1. During the night of Aug. 2–3 someone kicked in the back door of a restaurant in the 2700 block of E. Madison and stole 15 bottles of wine from the bar display. The police found no fingerprints at the scene.

2. On Aug. 16 police were called to a residence near 25th and Denny at approximately 3 AM. There they found the caller in the back yard, and she reported that a little earlier a white male, about 5' 3", around 30 years old and with shoulder-length reddish blond hair entered her bedroom while she was unpacking clothes and made a lewd remark to her. She then ran outside the house and called the police. The intruder apparently left her residence without taking anything, and police were unable to find any one matching the description given by the woman during subsequent searches of the surrounding area.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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Pets of Madison Valley Sep 2014


This month's first adorable one is Zeb, a regular, getting his Beast Mode on.

Next up, a super cute French Pointer. (That. Face.)

Third, fourth, and fifth are the new puppy visitors who have visited the
store over the past few weeks. We can't wait to watch them grow up!



Next up is Dumbledore, the most magical Irish wolfhound in the world!

And finally, it's Sonny, who was featured on bus ads we ran earlier this year.
Sonny recently stopped in with his papa for a visit.

See special offers from All The Best on pet food and supplies.

Logo-All the Best Pet Care


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