Madison Valley

is a charming Seattle village with a European flair. We offer an eclectic mix of sophisticated shops, services, and restaurants. Our independently owned businesses attract visitors from afar, and shopkeepers greet customers by name. Here you’ll find people enjoying the good life, strolling the sidewalks, pausing to chat and explore. Join us, say hello, and stay awhile.

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Dining and Sipping Society


Tuesday,  September 23rd 6-8 PM
Sky Lounge
Aegis Living on Madison

The idea is simple — occasional drinks and dinners in the neighborhood for those who live and work in the Valley. The purpose is to get to know the neighbors, form friendships, and help support the neighborhood. 

If you haven’t experienced sitting outside on the deck of the Aegis Sky Lounge, you’re in for a treat. The upscale and cozy Sky Lounge has a fireplace, bar, and spectacular views of Lake Washington and the Cascades.

Sky Lounge Outside

At this event, we’ll be sipping cocktails and wine at this premier party space while enjoying chef-prepared small plates and sliders hot off the grill. Chef Justin Sledge was the sous chef for Cafe Juanita for years and he will be preparing appetizers for the evening. 

Sky Lounge Inside

$22 per person

Ticket includes one beverage and an assortment of small plate appetizers and grilled sliders. Cash bar will be available for additional libations.
Tickets and reservations may be purchased:

For more information please contact: Cathy Nunneley at

Aegis Living on Madison
2200 E Madison (Corner of 23rd Ave East and East Madison Street)

Valet parking or plentiful parking along Madison.

Proceeds will be spent by the Madison Valley Community Council on community events, beautification, and safety efforts. 


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July Police Reports 2014


There were 56 crimes in Madison Valley reported to the police during July. As has often been the case, vehicle-related incidents composed the majority of the crime reports: during July there were fifteen cases of vehicle theft, fifteen cases of car prowl theft, and one case of license plate theft.

There was one armed robbery and one aggravated assault during July.

On July 13 at around 3 AM a woman who had been dropped off by taxi near 20th and Madison was approached by two black males who demanded that she give them her purse and cell phone. At first she resisted but when one of the robbers pointed a handgun at her and grabbed her phone, she threw her purse at him and ran from the scene. The victim told the police that she did not notice anything distinctive about either of the robbers because the incident happened so quickly.

On July 30 police received a call reporting a prowler in the neighborhood of 31st and Madison. On arriving the police spotted the prowler and arrested him for trespassing. The police subsequently learned that previously that day a business owner in the neighborhood observed a man attempting to force an entry into his building. When the owner told him to leave the man refused and pulled a rock out of his pocket. Believing that he was going to be assaulted, the owner told the man that he was going to call the police, at which point the man left the scene. The police report notes that the prowler they arrested for trespassing matched the description of the person that the owner confronted earlier.

Finally, there was one attempted and one completed burglary reported during July.

On July 9 owners of a home on 20th Ave. near Pike who had had renters during the previous month returned to find that two laptops and a record collection were missing. The owners did not meet the renters, who live in a foreign country. The owners and the police were unable to determine whether the renters had taken the missing items, or whether someone had entered the house while no one was present. The owners estimated the stolen items to be worth approximately $1200.

On July 22 a resident on 25th Ave E near Helen St. observed a middle-aged male peering into his house. After observing him circle around his property in what appeared to be preparation for a break in, the resident shouted at him and then the suspect quickly walked away. The resident was able to take a picture of the suspect with his cell phone, however, and gave the picture to the police. The police were unable to obtain usable fingerprints at the scene.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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The Opening of the McGilvra Greenway


You are cordially invited to the opening of the McGilvra Greenway.

Greenway Bulb

We’ll be meeting on the new corner bulb at 37th Ave E and E Madison St (Broadmoor Golf Course Fence, SE corner) at 1:30 pm on Saturday Sep 21st. This is our opportunity to thank city employees and elected officials for responding to community concerns and making our neighborhood safer and more livable by implementing a traffic-calming greenway on the nearest four blocks leading to McGilvra Elementary School.

It’ll also be a really fun time to explore and try out our first few blocks of neighborhood greenway in a car-free environment. We’ll be opening the street to people while closing it to cars for one hour. If you haven’t experienced a completed greenway, this is your chance to see what all the excitement is about. Bring kids, sidewalk chalk, bikes, parents, friends, neighbors, grandparents.

UPDATE: The event time and date have changed since this was first published. The event will be at 1:30 pm on Saturday Sep 21st.

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Bastille Bash 2014 Photo Gallery


Our thanks go to Alex Levine, who donated his time to photograph this year's event. This gallery holds 46 photos, and is continued on a separate page.


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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: Back to School Immunity Boost


Heading back to school oftentimes means heading back into a germ-filled classroom. Start boosting your child’s immune health now to keep colds and other bugs at bay! 


A children’s multivitamin provides the basic vitamins and minerals needed to mount a healthy immune response, and newer formulas are made from tasty, organic fruits and vegetables.  Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Organics Multi-Vitamin is a tasty kids’ multivitamin gummy, free of common allergens like soy, dairy, gluten, and corn.

Vitamin D levels are important for everybody, but growing kids are especially in need of supplementation, and even more so during the winter months. My favorite vitamin D supplement is Garden of Life Kind Organics Vegan D3, which, believe it or not, tastes like birthday cake! 

Vitamin C is another great immune supporter, and children typically need only 250-500 mg per day to reap the benefits during cold season. Emergen-C Kidz Vitamin C 250mg is a powdered drink mix that delivers this dose, and tastes great.


Most people know that  echinacea is used as an immune booster, but not many realize that it also works on the lymphatic system. This multi-use herb is great for clearing or preventing illness because it keeps the lymph system—essentially the body’s sewer system—clean and free flowing. Oftentimes mild illness is worsened because of the body’s inability to clear waste, so having echinacea on board can certainly reduce the severity and duration of colds and flus.


One of my favorite at-home remedies is the Warming Sock Treatment, which is designed to strengthen the immune system and stimulate blood flow. The only supplies you’ll need are a pair of thin cotton socks, a pair of thick (preferably wool) socks, a towel, a bowl of ice cold water, and a bowl of warm water. Right before bedtime, soak thin cotton socks in the bowl of ice cold water, and place your child’s feet into a warm water bath. Once the feet are nice and rosy, dry them, wring out the ice cold socks, and put them on. Immediately layer the thin socks with the dry thicker (preferably wool) socks, and put your child to bed.

Temperature manipulation is a time-honored technique of hydrotherapy that upregulates immune function by triggering your body’s natural response to warm your cold feet. By drawing blood down to the feet, blood flow is moved away from the infected areas in the head and chest. Most children love these “magic socks,” and adults can certainly benefit, too.

While these are all great ways to address immune health this season, keep in mind that the most basic medicine is lifestyle based. Ensure your child has an adequate intake of fresh, filtered water, typically 32-48 ounces per day, and is getting enough sleep to recuperate from the day.  

As always, if you have any questions regarding your child’s immune health, the practitioners at Pharmaca are always available to help you navigate through the season. You’re also welcome to attend Pharmaca’s complimentary “Mom & Baby” event at Pharmaca Madison Valley on Sunday, August 17 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., where moms and moms-to-be can enjoy individualized child health consultations, complimentary product samples, free kids’ activities and more. 

Have a happy and healthy school year!


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Comment Period on Harbour Pointe Parklet Begins

JULY 25, 2014 | EDITOR

The public notice of the Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse parklet application has been mailed to residences and businesses within 200 feet of the proposed parklet site and will officially be posted on 7/24/14 at SDOT’s Street Use website, beginning the two-week public comment period.


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Fury's Annual Summer Clearance Sale

JULY 22, 2014 | SAM LEVINE

Fury’s annual summer clearance sale starts this Sat, July 26, at 10 am. We’ve reduced everything by 30-70%. Stock up on spring and summer items at an awesome price. And if you like to plan ahead like me, you can hide away some great accessories for the ladies on your list for the holiday season — the deals are that good. Bring a friend, your mom or your sis, it’s a fun way to spend time together. We will also start to put out new fall arrivals throughout the sale. The sale runs for three weeks.

Fury – Extraordinary Consignment
2810 East Madison St.
Hours: Tues-Sat 10-5:30


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The 30th Annual Night Out is August 5th


“Night Out” is a national Crime Prevention event. Seattle has had a long history of supporting Night Out — the program has been growing every year, with over 1,400 neighborhoods participating in 2013. The event is a unique opportunity to bring neighbors together, welcome new neighbors, talk about crime prevention and Block Watch efforts, and mainly just have a great time with food, music, and games. Some gatherings are just a few households; others expand into large block parties.

It only takes one neighborhood volunteer to register your block for a party. Invitations, flyers, signs for closing the street, earthquake preparedness tips, and crime prevention block watch guides are for free for these events. It’s fun and easy! For more info or to register your block, go to the web address:


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Aegis on Madison Reaches Out to Our Community


Stop in at the Queen Bee Cafe opposite Safeway and have a coffee and delectable snack, then head next door and check out The Mercantile, a gift shop out of the ordinary in its décor. Both opened in recent months, and both are part of Aegis on Madison, the new assisted living community that opened its doors Valentine’s Day and gained its first resident four days later. There are now 60 people living there, about 40% of them men, a higher ratio than in most such places, and they range in age from 61 to 101.

The Queen Bee Cafe Pastry Case.

“We have room for 104,” says general manager Rob Liebreich, who clearly loves his job and talks about the facility with pride and pleasure. As he takes me around, he greets every resident we meet by name, wishing one a happy birthday, and also all the staff, from housekeepers to therapist. We are greeted back with smiles.

Aegis is working itself quickly into our Madison Valley community. Neighborhood groups from the YMCA to Planned Parenthood hold meetings here in the private dining room that looks like a very posh restaurant and has a wine cave with lockers for the residents. Seattle University students have come by to conduct oral histories, and Holy Names students volunteer here.

Aegis' private dining room.

“Aegis is a for-profit company, but with a philanthropic side,” explains Liebreich. “All the profits from the Queen Bee and The Mercantile go to nonprofits. For our first quarter, we gave $500 to the YMCA, for the second they’ll go to the Hearing and Speech Center up the road. Childhaven brings their kids and we welcome them and make things for them. Just now we have a quilting club. We make things to give back to the world.” (continues) Read More

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This Year's Bastille Bash Program

JULY 10, 2014 | EDITOR

Hot off the press — this year’s Bastille Bash program, including maps, menus, & entertainment. Download or print: Voici le PDF!

 Bastille Bash 2013 Photo 8



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Bastille Bash is Putting Madison Valley on the Map

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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: Staying Sunscreen Savvy


Within the last few weeks, many people have been coming in to Pharmaca with questions about sun exposure and potential skin damage. Unfiltered sun exposure has many benefits, especially because it can boost your body’s natural production of vitamin D, but typically only 20 minutes of sun exposure is necessary. Any time beyond that should involve sun protection in the form of clothing or applied sunscreen. Here’s a condensed road map to help you navigate your options.

Mineral Sunscreens

Mineral sunscreens use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect the sun’s rays off of the body. Zinc oxide is a particularly good mineral sunscreen because it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. My favorite mineral sunscreen products with zinc are ThinkSport SPF 50+ (non-greasy, and water resistant for 80 minutes!) and Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sport Stick for Kids (an easy-to-use sunstick that’s great for faces of all ages).

Chemical Sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens use an array of chemicals like avobenzone and octocrylene. These ingredients penetrate the skin and absorb UV radiation, so they’re less likely to rub off from swimming or sweating. They can also provide a higher sun protection factor (SPF) than some of the mineral sunscreens. If you’re considering using a chemical sunscreen, try to avoid anything with oxybenzone in its ingredient list, as this chemical can be absorbed into the bloodstream and act like estrogen in the body. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream provides both UVA and UVB protection with safer chemical ingredients, and is light, fragrance-free and smooth to the touch post-application.

How To Use

With any sunscreen, regardless of SPF, make sure you reapply every two hours to ensure UV protection, especially if you’re sweating or swimming. Avoid products with SPF higher than 50, as these may tempt you to stay out in the sun longer because you won’t burn, but can expose you to other skin damage.

I hope this is helpful for your summer sunscreen search! For more information, you can visit the Environmental Working Group’s 2014 Guide to Sunscreen, or speak with the naturopaths and estheticians here at Pharmaca. Enjoy a happy and healthy summer!


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Crossing at 26th and Boyer

JUNE 29, 2014 | EDITOR

SDOT will be improving the intersection of 26th and Boyer. This will become a 5-way stop for cars. A striped pedestrian crossing will be located on the east side of the intersection crossing Boyer.

26th & Boyer

These improvements will be happening at the end of summer 2014. View design (PDF) of the intersection.


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A Call for Bastille Day Volunteers


Hi Neighbors,

Bastille Bash is just a few weeks away! It’s an all-volunteer effort and this year we need more help than ever before. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Detlef Schrempf Foundation. Please sign up for a shift, and forward this to your friends who might be willing to volunteer.

Bastille Banner - Marie

Bastille Bash is a French-themed food and wine event, held on Madison St. between 27th and Lake Washington Blvd. It’s organized by the Madison Valley Merchants Association and Community Council, and this year the event is July 12, from 3 PM – 8 PM.

We’re looking for help with:

Set-up, Heavy Lifting
Set-up, Non-Heavy Lifting
Ticket Sales
Store Managers
Ticket Takers – Restaurants
Water Sales
Street Crossing Guards
Green Room Helpers
Volunteer Check-in
Break Down

To volunteer for any of the above assignments please sign up online.

We also REALLY need some people with management skills and specific technical skills:

Decor Hanging Assistant
Friday, July 11th, 3:00-6:00: help hang bunting, banners, and signs for the event (2 people).

Management of Ticket Sales
Oversee volunteers doing ticket sales. 3-hour shifts available (2 people).

Management of Event Areas Set-Up
Oversee installation of tents, tables, chairs, barricades, decor, etc for specific event areas. (5 people / one per area.) Set up takes place in the morning – approx. 10:00 AM – TBD (final time based on delivery schedule).

Table Linens Manager
Manage volunteers and work with area set-up managers. Make sure linens of correct size are distributed to each area and placed on tables. Set up takes place in the morning (approx. 11:00 AM).

Professional or semi-professional photographers to wander the event, take photos of participants, entertainers, etc. The photos are your property, but we need a digital copy for use in future marketing materials. Please have professional equipment (2–4 people).

Sound Technician Assistant
Help sound manager with set-up and maintenance of audio equipment of 3 small stages and small audio systems. Experience with audio systems and events required (1–2 people).

Wine & Beer Pourers
Must have liquor serving license. Pour tastings of wine and beer in shops and wine gardens (10 people).

Tear Down Managers
Manage team of volunteers and rental company to tear down the tents, tables, etc., in each event area (5 people / one per area).

Plein Air Painters
Are you an artist who would like to paint the festival? Last year we had a handful of artists set up their easels in the street and on the sidewalks. It’s a wonderful day to paint what you see (5–10 artists).

To volunteer for any of the specialized jobs listed above, contact me:

Lindy Wishard
Volunteer and President, Madison Valley Community Council
206 552-0345

Bastille Bash 2014 visit:

Purchase Tickets:


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Community Council Minutes 18-June-2014


Read the minutes from the Madison Valley Community Council meeting.


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