Madison Valley

is a charming Seattle village with a European flair. We offer an eclectic mix of sophisticated shops, services, and restaurants. Our independently owned businesses attract visitors from afar, and shopkeepers greet customers by name. Here you’ll find people enjoying the good life, strolling the sidewalks, pausing to chat and explore. Join us, say hello, and stay awhile.

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Your Perfect French Vacation


Local French teacher Virginie Blackmoor will be hosting an event at Pioneer Hall in Madison Park called "My Perfect Trip to France." Learn the secrets of traveling in France directly from a French native.

Full details are at her website:


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Artist Reception at Madison Art Collective


Tomorrow, Thursday, from 5 to 8 p.m. the Madison Art Collective will be holding a reception for Ruth Hesse at the Baas Framing Studio.

Interstitial, 24" x 36" Monotype by Ruth Hesse

The artist will be showing her monotypes, a type of print created by transferring a painted image from a smooth plate to paper. The ink may be transferred by hand, applying pressure to the back of the paper as it rests on the inked plate, or with an etching press. Ruth Hesse uses both techniques, building layer upon layer of colored inks to create rich, textural, one-of-a-kind prints.

Light refreshments provided.

Baas Framing Studio
2703 East Madison
Seattle, WA 98112


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520 & Montlake Lid


For those who could not attend last week’s 520 Bridge meeting, there are extensive illustrations and diagrams online explaining the updated design for the Montlake Lid area.



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ACTION/FEEDBACK: Dorffel Drive Intersection Reconfiguration Study


Your feedback is needed on an experimental pedestrian safety intersection reconfiguration. Please share this invitation for feedback to anybody you know who uses Dorffel Dr E and the intersection of E Harrison St at Lake Washington Blvd (between The Bush School and Lake View Park). As supporters of safe routes to schools, parks and other local destinations, your feedback is very much needed at some point between now and Oct 6th.


As part of The Bush School's commitment to experiential education, students in the 2014 winter Action Module Program (AMP) ventured beyond the traditional classroom setting and engaged with local community organizations to develop a Safe-Routes-To-School map.

The students identified the three way intersection of E Harrison St, Lake Washington Blvd and 37th Ave E (separating The Bush School from Lake View Park) to be a hazard to students arriving by foot or by bike from the south (Denny Blaine, Madrona and Leschi).

When asked by the Denny Blaine Neighbors for Safer Streets (DBNFSS), local community groups (Madison Park Community Council and Madison Park Greenways) agreed to help study this issue. Subsequently, the MPCC collaborated with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to execute a 6 week test of a new configuration of the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd and 37th Ave E.

From Aug 18 through Oct 6, this new configuration will be evaluated using temporary materials to see how it performs and to see if there are any unforeseen problems with the configuration. The final reconfiguration won't resemble the current one. Numerous usability problems are already apparent, but data from this experiment will inform the design process.

While SDOT will conduct quantitative traffic volume and speed data as part of this study, qualitative data is needed in order to understand who uses this intersection (and especially Dorffel Dr E) and what role it plays in the lives of those who depend on it today. Love it or hate it, this is where your experience and insights are crucial to a successful long term outcome.

In order to fully participate in this data gathering activity, it's important for you to experience the test reconfiguration in as many ways as possible. Since it's primarily a pedestrian safety study, we ask you to walk from The Bush School through this intersection to Lake View Park and back. Experience it at different times of day and in different lighting conditions. If you drive, try it out from each of the three legs of the intersection. Note whether traffic is moving more slowly, attentively and carefully than before. If you own a bicycle, try rolling between the barriers and see if you feel more or less comfortable waiting for a break in traffic than before.

Once you've experienced it fully, come back and fill out this short survey to capture your experiences. (Pardon that some of the text fields are small, you can paste in responses from a text editor or word processor if you find it easier.) If you have further insights later, come back and give more comments. Spread the word, we need lots of feedback.

After the test period, the temporary treatment will be removed so we can study the traffic with the previous configuration.

Thank you for your support and patience during this experiment. Your written feedback is vital to informing the design process.


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August 2014 Police Reports


There were 42 incidents reported to the police during August, down from the 56 incidents reported in July. Most of the difference between the two months stemmed from a decrease in vehicle-related crime reports; there were 19 such reports in August compared to 31 in July.

Two completed robberies and an attempted robbery were reported in August.

1. On Aug. 5 at about 2:30 AM a woman who was walking home near 27th and E. John was shoved from behind by someone who then ripped her backpack off her shoulder. The backpack contained her wallet, credit cards, iPhone, and house keys. The woman described the robber as a black male about 5' 8" tall. The police drove her home and made certain that there was no one in her residence.

2. On Aug. 13 at approximately 10:30 PM a woman who was sitting on a bench in Prentis Frazier Park was approached by two unknown males. One of them pointed a handgun at her and told her “give me you stuff.” The woman began to scream, and the robber told her to stop screaming or he would shoot her. After the woman gave the robbers her backpack and phone they fled south on 24th and about half a block away got into a dark 4-door sedan. The police were unable to find any sign of the vehicle during a search of the general area.

3. On Aug. 16 at around 1:30 AM two women who were walking home along 23rd near Union, noticed a white male dressed in a grey hoodie and wearing a bandana over his face approaching them from behind. As he drew near, the man pointed a gun at the women and said something they were unable to understand. Both women then sprinted north on 23 and soon arrived at their home, which is a short distance from 23rd and Union. Neither looked backward as they ran north, and the police were unable to find the gunman when they later searched the area.

There were two burglaries reported during August.

1. During the night of Aug. 2–3 someone kicked in the back door of a restaurant in the 2700 block of E. Madison and stole 15 bottles of wine from the bar display. The police found no fingerprints at the scene.

2. On Aug. 16 police were called to a residence near 25th and Denny at approximately 3 AM. There they found the caller in the back yard, and she reported that a little earlier a white male, about 5' 3", around 30 years old and with shoulder-length reddish blond hair entered her bedroom while she was unpacking clothes and made a lewd remark to her. She then ran outside the house and called the police. The intruder apparently left her residence without taking anything, and police were unable to find any one matching the description given by the woman during subsequent searches of the surrounding area.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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Pets of Madison Valley Sep 2014


This month's first adorable one is Zeb, a regular, getting his Beast Mode on.

Next up, a super cute French Pointer. (That. Face.)

Third, fourth, and fifth are the new puppy visitors who have visited the
store over the past few weeks. We can't wait to watch them grow up!



Next up is Dumbledore, the most magical Irish wolfhound in the world!

And finally, it's Sonny, who was featured on bus ads we ran earlier this year.
Sonny recently stopped in with his papa for a visit.

See special offers from All The Best on pet food and supplies.

Logo-All the Best Pet Care


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Seattle Japanese Garden Events in September


Experience traditional Noh theater in a performance at the Seattle Japanese Garden on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The garden will be open for twilight viewing at 5:30 p.m.

Munenori Takeda and the Takeda Noh Troupe will present three Noh vignettes that will give the audience a glimpse of their upcoming performance at Seattle’s ACT Theatre. The performance, entitled “The Universality of Noh: Crossing Borders on Stage,” will be on the Moon Viewing Stage in the garden with seating in the orchard. Bring a blanket or tatami mat to sit on.

Munenori Takeda was born into a family of pre-eminent Noh actors belonging to the Kanze School, which traces its roots to the 1300s in Japan. He is widely recognized as one of the most talented young Noh performers in Japan today.

Tickets are $10, and on sale now at the Garden, or by phone at 206-684-4725, or at the gate on Sept. 25. The Seattle Japanese Garden is located at 1075 Lake Washington Blvd. S, Seattle WA.

The event is sponsored by the Seattle Japanese Garden Advisory Council, the Japan World Exposition1910 Commemorative Fund, Kansai Osaka 21st Century Association, the Toshiba Foundation, the Asahi Shinbun Foundation, the Japan Arts Connection Lab, and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Japanese Garden 2


Respect for Elders Day: Seniors Admitted Free

The Seattle Japanese Garden will celebrate Respect for Elders Day on Monday, September 15, 2014. In honor of this Japanese holiday, seniors age 65 and older will receive free admission to the garden.

Complimentary guided tours will be available starting at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., and 3 p.m. on that day.

All visitors are welcome to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in the Tateuchi Community Room at the Garden Gatehouse. The room is wheelchair accessible and chairs will be provided. Ceremonies start at 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4 p.m. Tea ceremony tickets are $7 per person, and can be purchased in advanced by calling the ticket booth at 206-684-4725.

The Seattle Japanese Garden is located at 1075 Lake Washington Blvd. E. For driving directions and detailed information about the garden, please visit


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Construction on West Approach Bridge North is Starting


A letter from Julie Meredith, WSDOT:


Another busy summer has passed and great progress has been made along the SR 520 corridor. The West Connection Bridge is nearing completion, new transit stops opened on the Eastside for riders at 92nd Avenue Northeast and Evergreen Point Road, and the floating bridge assembly is well underway on Lake Washington.

This month we reached another major milestone with the start of construction of the West Approach Bridge North Project (WABN). Please see below for additional information.

520 Bridge Sketch

What to expect to during construction

Construction will begin in Seattle’s Montlake area and on Lake Washington’s Union Bay for the next three years as crews build the new WABN project. WSDOT is committed to construction management practices that avoid, minimize and mitigate the effects of our construction activities to neighbors, communities, and the traveling public. Our contractor will also implement industry-accepted best management practices. Here are some of the other things we’ll do:

· Provide the public with a variety of tools to reach us and stay informed.

· Construct local street improvements early on to help ease traffic during construction.

· Help balance weekday traffic on SR 520 and local streets by restricting some detours and closures to nights and weekends.

· Limit truck traffic on local streets.

We’ve mailed a notification flyer to Seattle residents within one mile of the SR 520 corridor, to detail the construction activities you’ll begin to see in September.

Public involvement during WABN construction

WSDOT will provide the community with multiple opportunities and tools to stay informed. For the latest construction information, you can:

· Call the SR 520 24-hour construction hotline at 206-708-4657 if you need to reach a project member immediately to address a construction issue or concern.

· Sign up to receive regular construction email updates. Look for the new alert called “SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project” located under the “Construction Reports” section.

· Visit the SR 520 Orange Page to learn about upcoming construction activities, including highway closures and noisy work.

· Visit the WABN website to find general project information.

· Email project staff at with your questions about the project or construction activities.

· Follow WSDOT on Twitter to get key news and updates about the SR 520 Program.

· Attend the public open house and monthly construction update meetings with our contractor, Flatiron West, Inc. Meeting dates and locations to be announced soon. Sign up for the construction email updates for more information.

We understand that those who live, work and play in the area will be affected by major construction activities needed to build this project. We thank the public in advance for your patience as we work to replace the existing vulnerable structure.

The end result

The West Approach Bridge North will have solid columns and be built to modern seismic standards. The 1.2-mile-long structure will connect the new floating bridge’s three westbound lanes, including a dedicated transit/HOV lane and shoulders, to the Montlake interchange in Seattle. WABN will also extend a new 14-foot-wide regional bicycle/pedestrian path from the Eastside and floating bridge to Montlake and the University of Washington.

The new bridge will open to traffic in summer 2017.

For more information about the WABN design and how it will connect with the new floating bridge see the WABN folio online.

You can also watch our video which highlights the benefits of the completed project to the SR 520 corridor and the entire region.

Thank you again for your ongoing support in delivering this next critical phase of construction for the SR 520 corridor.


Julie Meredith, PE
SR 520 Program Administrator
SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program
Washington State Department of Transportation
999 3rd Avenue, Suite 900 | Seattle, WA 98104


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Art Walk 2014


The 5th annual Madison Park Art Walk opens at 6–9 PM Fri, Sep 12th, 2014 with a public reception at Starbucks in Madison Park with hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and live music.

artwalk-messer artwalk-holzer

The juried show features more than 40 local artists in 30 Madison Park businesses. Art will be displayed at businesses during regular business hours from Sep 12–28th. This is a unique community event bringing together local businesses, local artists and the community and its residents.


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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: Finding Better Sleep


Multiple times each day I find myself wandering back to the Sleep Aids aisle with Pharmaca customers who are having a difficult time finding rest. Do you have problems falling asleep? Staying asleep? Are you a night owl who needs a siesta each day? There are many reasons why people experience sleeplessness—and pinpointing the true problem can help to find the best solution.


If you find your best work is done at night but you're sleepy in the morning and throughout the day, you might have what’s called a reverse cortisol curve. Cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands, typically spikes around normal waking times (e.g. 6 or 7 a.m.), and again at around noon. This allows a healthy human to get the day started, with an extra boost at lunchtime. But the stresses of everyday life and the standard American diet can result in a flatline of cortisol during the day and a spike at night—which manifests in evening energy surges and complete fatigue in the morning.  To correct this, you can consider using natural supplements like rhodiola in the morning to mimic the normal cortisol patterns, and magnolia bark at night to rapidly decrease cortisol. You can also begin to address blood sugar issues, as these two concerns seem to be closely linked.

For those who can fall asleep but wake frequently during the night, magnolia bark may also be helpful. This can prevent cortisol spikes from happening at night. Sometimes, eating a high-protein snack before bedtime can also help to regulate blood sugar while you sleep.  

The most common solution for trouble falling asleep is melatonin. This is a natural hormone that our bodies produce when we should be sleeping, and it’s a potent antioxidant in high amounts. Because of this, melatonin loses its sedative qualities with doses higher than 5 mg. When first trying melatonin, the key to success is going “low and slow,” as some side effects can include vivid dreams or nightmares, or a groggy feeling in the morning. Start with the lowest dose possible, typically 1 mg, and work your way up to find the perfect dose for you.

There are a myriad of ways to address sleeplessness, and a qualified natural health practitioner can help you find solutions tailored to you. Stop in and chat with one of the licensed health experts at the Madison Pharmaca to help you rest easy tonight!


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Valley 3

AUGUST 31, 2014 | EDITOR

Cascade Built, the award-winning builder and developer of Seattle’s first passive house has completed Valley 3, its third project in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood along the alley between John and Thomas on 27th Ave. Built to surpass Built Green 4* certification with the integration of Passive House airtight construction principles, Valley 3 is a modern triad composed of 3-story / 3 bedroom / 3 bath homes — one 2,300 square foot single family home, which faces 27th Ave, and two 1,750 square foot townhomes situated along the alley.


Valley 3’s unique design includes a reclaimed brick paver pathway — salvaged from another nearby project — which connects each of the three homes to the street, and an exposed steel beam separating the single family home’s open kitchen and living space. Additional finishes include sealed concrete floors, sustainable countertops, radiant heat bathroom floors and contemporary stainless steel Energy Star appliances. Valley 3’s concrete and wood façade blends well with the neighborhood’s mixed traditional and contemporary design esthetic. Each home also provides considerable outdoor amenities including a private rooftop deck with neighborhood views, and onsite parking prewired for electric car charging.


Valley 3’s airtight construction reduces heating and cooling costs by approximately 50%. For future homeowners this energy performance translates into a substantial savings on heating and cooling and an increase in thermal comfort — even on cool, damp days.


Madison Valley is known for its walkability, boasting a Walk Score of 85. Valley 3 is located steps from the Madison Valley retail corridor, great restaurants, parks, transit and a short distance to Capitol Hill’s vibrant Pike/Pine neighborhood.


Valley 3’s green features include:

- Built to surpass Built Green 4* certification

- Airtight construction consistent with Passive House

- Milgard high performance windows

- Healthy indoor air quality with non-toxic finishes and zero VOC paint throughout

- State of the art energy efficient heating and ventilation system that maintains fresh air

- Durable construction with long lasting, maintenance-free materials and finishes

- Xeriscape landscaping with drought tolerant, native plants

- Minisplit for added heating and cooling efficiency


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Dining and Sipping Society


Tuesday,  September 23rd 6-8 PM
Sky Lounge
Aegis Living on Madison

The idea is simple — occasional drinks and dinners in the neighborhood for those who live and work in the Valley. The purpose is to get to know the neighbors, form friendships, and help support the neighborhood. 

If you haven’t experienced sitting outside on the deck of the Aegis Sky Lounge, you’re in for a treat. The upscale and cozy Sky Lounge has a fireplace, bar, and spectacular views of Lake Washington and the Cascades.

Sky Lounge Outside

At this event, we’ll be sipping cocktails and wine at this premier party space while enjoying chef-prepared small plates and sliders hot off the grill. Chef Justin Sledge was the sous chef for Cafe Juanita for years and he will be preparing appetizers for the evening. 

Sky Lounge Inside

$22 per person

Ticket includes one beverage and an assortment of small plate appetizers and grilled sliders. Cash bar will be available for additional libations.
Tickets and reservations may be purchased:

For more information please contact: Cathy Nunneley at

Aegis Living on Madison
2200 E Madison (Corner of 23rd Ave East and East Madison Street)

Valet parking or plentiful parking along Madison.

Proceeds will be spent by the Madison Valley Community Council on community events, beautification, and safety efforts. 


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July Police Reports 2014


There were 56 crimes in Madison Valley reported to the police during July. As has often been the case, vehicle-related incidents composed the majority of the crime reports: during July there were fifteen cases of vehicle theft, fifteen cases of car prowl theft, and one case of license plate theft.

There was one armed robbery and one aggravated assault during July.

On July 13 at around 3 AM a woman who had been dropped off by taxi near 20th and Madison was approached by two black males who demanded that she give them her purse and cell phone. At first she resisted but when one of the robbers pointed a handgun at her and grabbed her phone, she threw her purse at him and ran from the scene. The victim told the police that she did not notice anything distinctive about either of the robbers because the incident happened so quickly.

On July 30 police received a call reporting a prowler in the neighborhood of 31st and Madison. On arriving the police spotted the prowler and arrested him for trespassing. The police subsequently learned that previously that day a business owner in the neighborhood observed a man attempting to force an entry into his building. When the owner told him to leave the man refused and pulled a rock out of his pocket. Believing that he was going to be assaulted, the owner told the man that he was going to call the police, at which point the man left the scene. The police report notes that the prowler they arrested for trespassing matched the description of the person that the owner confronted earlier.

Finally, there was one attempted and one completed burglary reported during July.

On July 9 owners of a home on 20th Ave. near Pike who had had renters during the previous month returned to find that two laptops and a record collection were missing. The owners did not meet the renters, who live in a foreign country. The owners and the police were unable to determine whether the renters had taken the missing items, or whether someone had entered the house while no one was present. The owners estimated the stolen items to be worth approximately $1200.

On July 22 a resident on 25th Ave E near Helen St. observed a middle-aged male peering into his house. After observing him circle around his property in what appeared to be preparation for a break in, the resident shouted at him and then the suspect quickly walked away. The resident was able to take a picture of the suspect with his cell phone, however, and gave the picture to the police. The police were unable to obtain usable fingerprints at the scene.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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The Opening of the McGilvra Greenway


You are cordially invited to the opening of the McGilvra Greenway.

Greenway Bulb

We’ll be meeting on the new corner bulb at 37th Ave E and E Madison St (Broadmoor Golf Course Fence, SE corner) at 1:30 pm on Saturday Sep 21st. This is our opportunity to thank city employees and elected officials for responding to community concerns and making our neighborhood safer and more livable by implementing a traffic-calming greenway on the nearest four blocks leading to McGilvra Elementary School.

It’ll also be a really fun time to explore and try out our first few blocks of neighborhood greenway in a car-free environment. We’ll be opening the street to people while closing it to cars for one hour. If you haven’t experienced a completed greenway, this is your chance to see what all the excitement is about. Bring kids, sidewalk chalk, bikes, parents, friends, neighbors, grandparents.

UPDATE: The event time and date have changed since this was first published. The event will be at 1:30 pm on Saturday Sep 21st.

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Bastille Bash 2014 Photo Gallery


Our thanks go to Alex Levine, who donated his time to photograph this year's event. This gallery holds 46 photos, and is continued on a separate page.


  Read More

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