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Dr. Jenn’s Health Tips: Are you using these eco-friendly products?


In light of Earth Day, I want to provide you with sustainable ideas for products that benefit you and the environment. At Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, we have an extensive selection of non-toxic, sustainable, recycled or upcycled health and beauty products to aid you in doing your part in reducing waste and pollution. 

Ditch the Plastic

Rather than contribute to the billions of plastic bottles that end up in landfills, invest in a bottle you can use over and over again.  For added benefit, using a glass or stainless steel bottle helps you avoid the chemicals that act as endocrine (hormone) disruptors found in most plastics. Lifefactory glass water bottles and food storage containers come covered in a silicone safety sleeve and are available in many fun colors. Earthlust stainless steel water bottles are another great option. 

Upcycle Your Toothbrush!

Radius toothbrush handles come in three upcycled styles: wood, paper and money. They are comfortable to hold and do the job, plus, replaceable heads are available for purchase. Preserve toothbrushes are made of recycled materials, and SenzaBamboo makes a biodegradable bamboo handle toothbrush. 

Earth-Friendly Feminine Hygiene

Although it can take some getting use to the idea of using products other than the traditional disposable tampons and pads we are accustomed to, there are alternatives.  The Moon Cup and Diva Cup are both sustainable substitutes to tampons. GladRags can replace pads or panty-liners. Switching to these reusable options is not only eco-friendly, but also saves money, and helps you avoid the toxic chemical bleaches, petrochemicals and plastics used in many conventional tampons and pads.

Cleaner and Safer Housecleaning

Conventional cleaners contain harsh chemicals that over time do a number on the environment and our health. Instead reach for the more natural options, such as Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose castile soap, Biokleen, Seventh Generation, or Grab Green products.

Purify Your Beauty Routine!

Skin is our body’s largest organ and a primary route of absorption for any substance we come in contact with. For this reason, we should be aware of the products we use on a daily basis. Pharmaca has many skincare and makeup options that are safer for you and the environment. Zuzu Luxe cosmetics are all-natural, vegan and gluten-free. They have absolutely beautiful lip colors to choose from, along with other makeup products to create a lovely look. Devita skin care products are also vegan, considered safe for those with gluten sensitivities, and contain no parabens. The “Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30+” is fantastic, as is the “Optimal Rejuvenation Serum.”  Acure skin care products are organic, fair-trade certified and avoid the use of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and harmful preservatives. Pharmaca’s in-store staff of licensed estheticians can help point you to the appropriate products for you. 

Do Your Own Research!

My favorite resource for checking the safety of products is the Environmental Working Group’s website: Click to the consumer guides to look up specific products pertaining to cleaning products and skincare/cosmetics. If you are app-savvy, download the “EWG’s Skin Deep” app to be able to quickly scan a barcode on a product and receive a safety rating. I recommend using products that rate less than 3 on the scale (out of 10) for skincare and cosmetics, and A or B for the cleaning products. 

Please feel free to stop into the Madison Park Pharmaca to speak with one of our licensed professionals on staff for more information and tips on living a natural, earth-friendly lifestyle!


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