Madison Valley Merchants Assoc.

The Madison Valley Merchants Association is a group of business owners working with residents for the betterment of Madison Valley.

The Merchants Association meets as needed; send us an email if you’d like to be notified of the meeting.

Our next meeting will be a social event with other merchants. While we’re together we’ll cover some business, too, and merchants’ staff is also welcome.

Wednesday, April 17
8:30 –10 am at Cafe Flora

Coffee and pastries will be provided.


• To promote neighborhood identification, beautification, and safety.
• To promote restaurants, and retail/service businesses in Madison Valley.
• To provide networking opportunities for merchants.


The Madison Valley Merchants Association (MVMA) was established in 2005 as a nonprofit organization. We believe our best opportunity to succeed is with the residents and merchants of Madison Valley working together as a community toward common goals.


The geographical boundaries of Madison Valley are:

• East Madison Street from 23rd Avenue to 32nd Avenue.
• East Denny to the south.
• East Helen Street to the north.


• New Website, Branding & Bastille Day Celebration: In 2012, the MVMA was awarded a $15,000 grant through the City of Seattle to create a new website and branding, and to host a neighborhood signature event, Bastille Bash.

• Storm Water Project: In 2012, the MVMA and residents worked together to minimize the effects of storm water construction on traffic and business.

• Design & Installation of Banners: In 2009, the MVMA was awarded $4,200 by the City of Seattle to design and install banners on wooden poles along East Madison Street.

• Benefit for Children’s Hospital: In 2008, the MVMA partnered with the Phil Smart Guild of Children’s Hospital to sponsor a shopping event in Madison Valley. Participating merchants donated 10% of their sales to the Children’s Hospital.

• Holiday Tree Lights: In 2008, the MVMA was awarded $5,200 by the City of Seattle to install lights in trees along East Madison Street in the business district. Today the merchants pay for the tree lighting themselves through contributions to tree lighting fund.

• Art Walk: In 2007, the MVMA was awarded $5000 by the City of Seattle to sponsor an Art Walk. In 2008, the MVMA funded another Art Walk with its own funds.

• Support of Local Schools: In 2006–2007, the MVMA donated funds to support the art programs of Martin Luther King Jr. and T.T. Minor Schools.


Current Officers
President: Nat Stratton Clarke, Cafe Flora
Treasurer: Lindy Wishard, Build with Style, Inc

If you have a question, concern, comment, or would like to learn more about MVMA please contact us at [email protected]