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WOOF–Dog Adventures, LLC

Your dog can enjoy hours of fun, fetching, swimming, and socializing at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Marymoor is an off-leash park, 40 acres of open fields with four separate swimming areas dedicated solely to dogs.

Richard Winsler of WOOF–Dog Adventures, LLC will pick up your pets and return them after a 2–3 hour romp. Dogs of all sizes are welcome, outings are Monday through Friday.

Cost: $30 per outing (less for dogs under 14 lb.)
Serving: Zip code areas 98112, 98122, and 98144

All dogs must be friendly, good off leash, and exhibit zero aggression.


“Going on a dog outing with Richard is my MOST favorite thing to do! I get so excited when he picks me up, and I love to play with all my four-legged pals. I am exhausted and so happy when I get home. Richard takes such great care of me—my mommy and daddy trust him completely.” —Magic, 6-yo Black Lab

“I’m very happy I discovered Richard and his leash free outings to Marymoor. My two French Bulldogs come home happy and very tired (and we all know a tired dog is a good dog). I also use Richard for boarding when I travel. I actually plan my trips around his vacations because he’s the only one I trust to take care of my furballs.”—Kim

“Richard provides complete peace of mind for those with dogs in their families. He is a great pack leader! My dog always has a super time with him, and is exhausted after a few hours at Marymoor. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family and now they are all huge fans.”

WOOF–Dog Adventures, LLC

206 384-1221