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11 East Madison Update as of August 3, 2015


This is an update on the status of the proposed routing of the 11 E Madison in March 2016. Metro has made several alternatives other than leaving the bus as is. In June 2015 Metro proposed a routing that would take the 11 off of Madison west of 24th Ave East & East Madison by routing it up John/Thomas to light rail and then downtown via Olive to Pike/Pine.

The August issue of the Madison Park 
Times which contains an article with my comments about the proposal to take part of the 11 off of East Madison that we were given in June. The article is “We get faster service on No. 11, and then it goes away” on the editorial page and online for those who don’t have a copy of the Madison Park Times at:

Your comments over the last months have been passed on to Metro and Nextdoor users participated in a survey about what they wanted for the routing of 11 in March 2016 and it is included in the article. 

Today, Monday August 3, 2015 we received the following communications from the Metro planner working on the 11:

Hello All – 

We are still in the process of evaluating options for Route 11 and considering feedback we have received. I will keep you posted. 

Thanks for your patience, 

-- Jeremy

Note, given the above response I would suggest that you contact Metro with your comments at:

DeAnna Martin
Community Relations Planner

[email protected]


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