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Bastille Bash is Putting Madison Valley on the Map


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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: Staying Sunscreen Savvy


Within the last few weeks, many people have been coming in to Pharmaca with questions about sun exposure and potential skin damage. Unfiltered sun exposure has many benefits, especially because it can boost your body’s natural production of vitamin D, but typically only 20 minutes of sun exposure is necessary. Any time beyond that should involve sun protection in the form of clothing or applied sunscreen. Here’s a condensed road map to help you navigate your options.

Mineral Sunscreens

Mineral sunscreens use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect the sun’s rays off of the body. Zinc oxide is a particularly good mineral sunscreen because it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. My favorite mineral sunscreen products with zinc are ThinkSport SPF 50+ (non-greasy, and water resistant for 80 minutes!) and Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sport Stick for Kids (an easy-to-use sunstick that’s great for faces of all ages).

Chemical Sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens use an array of chemicals like avobenzone and octocrylene. These ingredients penetrate the skin and absorb UV radiation, so they’re less likely to rub off from swimming or sweating. They can also provide a higher sun protection factor (SPF) than some of the mineral sunscreens. If you’re considering using a chemical sunscreen, try to avoid anything with oxybenzone in its ingredient list, as this chemical can be absorbed into the bloodstream and act like estrogen in the body. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream provides both UVA and UVB protection with safer chemical ingredients, and is light, fragrance-free and smooth to the touch post-application.

How To Use

With any sunscreen, regardless of SPF, make sure you reapply every two hours to ensure UV protection, especially if you’re sweating or swimming. Avoid products with SPF higher than 50, as these may tempt you to stay out in the sun longer because you won’t burn, but can expose you to other skin damage.

I hope this is helpful for your summer sunscreen search! For more information, you can visit the Environmental Working Group’s 2014 Guide to Sunscreen, or speak with the naturopaths and estheticians here at Pharmaca. Enjoy a happy and healthy summer!


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Crossing at 26th and Boyer

JUNE 29, 2014 | EDITOR

SDOT will be improving the intersection of 26th and Boyer. This will become a 5-way stop for cars. A striped pedestrian crossing will be located on the east side of the intersection crossing Boyer.

26th & Boyer

These improvements will be happening at the end of summer 2014. View design (PDF) of the intersection.


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A Call for Bastille Day Volunteers


Hi Neighbors,

Bastille Bash is just a few weeks away! It’s an all-volunteer effort and this year we need more help than ever before. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Detlef Schrempf Foundation. Please sign up for a shift, and forward this to your friends who might be willing to volunteer.

Bastille Banner - Marie

Bastille Bash is a French-themed food and wine event, held on Madison St. between 27th and Lake Washington Blvd. It’s organized by the Madison Valley Merchants Association and Community Council, and this year the event is July 12, from 3 PM – 8 PM.

We’re looking for help with:

Set-up, Heavy Lifting
Set-up, Non-Heavy Lifting
Ticket Sales
Store Managers
Ticket Takers – Restaurants
Water Sales
Street Crossing Guards
Green Room Helpers
Volunteer Check-in
Break Down

To volunteer for any of the above assignments please sign up online.

We also REALLY need some people with management skills and specific technical skills:

Decor Hanging Assistant
Friday, July 11th, 3:00-6:00: help hang bunting, banners, and signs for the event (2 people).

Management of Ticket Sales
Oversee volunteers doing ticket sales. 3-hour shifts available (2 people).

Management of Event Areas Set-Up
Oversee installation of tents, tables, chairs, barricades, decor, etc for specific event areas. (5 people / one per area.) Set up takes place in the morning – approx. 10:00 AM – TBD (final time based on delivery schedule).

Table Linens Manager
Manage volunteers and work with area set-up managers. Make sure linens of correct size are distributed to each area and placed on tables. Set up takes place in the morning (approx. 11:00 AM).

Professional or semi-professional photographers to wander the event, take photos of participants, entertainers, etc. The photos are your property, but we need a digital copy for use in future marketing materials. Please have professional equipment (2–4 people).

Sound Technician Assistant
Help sound manager with set-up and maintenance of audio equipment of 3 small stages and small audio systems. Experience with audio systems and events required (1–2 people).

Wine & Beer Pourers
Must have liquor serving license. Pour tastings of wine and beer in shops and wine gardens (10 people).

Tear Down Managers
Manage team of volunteers and rental company to tear down the tents, tables, etc., in each event area (5 people / one per area).

Plein Air Painters
Are you an artist who would like to paint the festival? Last year we had a handful of artists set up their easels in the street and on the sidewalks. It’s a wonderful day to paint what you see (5–10 artists).

To volunteer for any of the specialized jobs listed above, contact me:

Lindy Wishard
Volunteer and President, Madison Valley Community Council
206 552-0345
[email protected]

Bastille Bash 2014 visit:

Purchase Tickets:


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Madison Valley Landmark Update


Madison Valley Landmark

The final designs for the Madison Valley Landmark are complete (view PDF). The project includes a redesign of the traffic triangle at the intersection of 28th Ave East and East Madison and a matching kiosk at the crosswalk between Jae’s and the dry cleaner. 

Monument Sketch

The next steps in the process are to get bids for the construction of the design, and raise the funds needed to build the landmark. Madison Valley has been awarded $100,000 from the Department of Neighborhoods to use toward construction. These funds will need to be matched with dollars and volunteer labor. 

If anyone would like to work on fundraising for this project please contact me


Crosswalk Repair on Madison

The crosswalk in front of Luc that ends in a tree will be repaired late Summer 2014. The tree will be removed. The sidewalk will be widened and the crossing signal will be repositioned. 


View design plans for the crossing.


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Community Council Minutes 18-June-2014


Read the minutes from the Madison Valley Community Council meeting.


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A Parklet in Madison Valley

JUNE 21, 2014 | EDITOR

Parklets convert on-street parking spots into public spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy. Parklets have been popular in other cities for many years. This year Seattle is running a test program for parklets. 15 parklets have been permitted, including one in Madison Valley.


The Madison Valley parklet (view plan) will be located in front of Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse. The design includes benches, tables, and lots of planter boxes with seasonal plantings (sketch).

While the city provides permits for uses of the parking spaces, construction and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the parklet applicant. In our neighborhood, Zander Natallanni, owner of Harbour Pointe, is the applicant.

Construction and installation of the parklet will begin in July of 2014.


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Important Merchants Association Meeting


Your attendance at the next Merchants Association meeting is essential. We have important items on the agenda: 

Bastille Bash
This is the final meeting before Bastille Bash. We will be covering important logistics related to the event. 

Madison Valley is getting a parklet — very soon! In this meeting we will be discussing the design of the parklet and particulars related to how this new installation will effect the neighborhood.

The crosswalk in front of Luc is being repaired later this Summer. We will review the design for the new crossing and sidewalk repair.

Date: This Wednesday, June 18
Time: 8:30 AM (Please be on time)
Location: Cafe Flora


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Opening and Artists' Reception

JUNE 13, 2014 | EDITOR

Baas Framing Studio and the Madison Art Collective are holding an opening reception for their new show, “Reading the Fine Print: Artist-Made Prints.”

"Red Barn I" 10" x 10" Woodblock with Stencil and Gouache by Judy Talley

“Reading the Fine Print” presents artist-made prints and a display of the tools, plates, and blocks used in the traditional printing processes. The exhibition features mezzotints, etchings, lithographs, monotypes, block prints, and mixed media prints by six leading Northwest artists.

"Second Chances" 33" x 33" Mounted Monotype by Ruth Hesse

Featured artists include:

E.Valentine DeWald II
Sam Hamrick
Ruth Hesse
Rachel Illingworth
Judy Talley
Ellen Rutledge

The show runs from June 12 – July 26, 2014.
Opening Reception: Thursday June 12 from 5 to 8 p.m.


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A New Piano Studio Comes to Madison Valley

JUNE 11, 2014 | EDITOR

LaFond Piano Studio has just recently moved from Monroe into our neighborhood. The Studio is located near E. John St. and 26th Ave E.

The program is a rigorous, multi-faceted course tailored for each student. Rachel's teaching style aims to develop independent thinking and creative self-development. She places a strong focus on healthy technical and physical development, as well as emotional connection and interpretation of the music. Each student has a practice requirement agreement and will perform in at least four recitals a year, as well as audition through the National Guild of Piano Teachers, and adjudications through the Music Teacher's National Association. Other performance and competition opportunities are available to qualified students.


Rachel LaFond began teaching in 1995. She has studied with Professor Manfred Wagner-Artzt at the University of Vienna, Dr. Peter Mack of Cornish College of the Arts, Dr. Regina Yeh of the University of Washington and Madame Sandra Zegzula, M. M. Piano Pedagogy. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in piano performance, voice, and applied music from the University of Washington. Rachel is an active performing musician in the local community as well as a participating member in the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Music Teacher’s National Association at the local, state and national levels. She actively pursues professional enrichment and continuing education, passing on her excitement and knowledge to her students and student teachers.

For more information, visit and contact the studio via phone or email.


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Pets of Madison Valley Jun 2014


Hank is just the most adorable shoplifter we've ever had! This lil' lab pup counter-surfed his way through our bully stick collection. With a face like that, though, who could ever say no?


Yoshi the pug has a promising career ahead of him as a swimwear model! He is ROCKING that life vest! Plus, he will be sea-worthy for all his summer adventures.


Lola is the sweetest Bengal cat who came by to be fitted for a harness! We were so excited for a feline visitor, finally! She was such an adventurer and looked absolutely stunning in her turquoise RC Pet harness! 


Tallulah, the tiniest pugglet, lives right up the street from our store and often stops by to share snuggles, kisses, and the cutest puppy snorts you ever heard! 


See special offers from All The Best on pet food and supplies.

Logo-All the Best Pet Care


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Parklets are Coming to Madison Valley

JUNE 4, 2014 | EDITOR

Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse has been approved for a parklet. What is a parklet?

A parklet is a small space serving as an extension of the sidewalk to provide amenities and green space for people using the street. It is typically the size of several parking spaces. Parklets extend out from the sidewalk at the level of the sidewalk to the width of the adjacent parking space. 

This parklet will be taking up 35 ft of space. It will be a miniature park — something that doesn’t currently exist in the business district — with raised garden beds, and will be used for sitting and relaxing.

The parklet will also affect the feeling and flow of the neighborhood. In an effort to get opinions and ideas on design and beautification, Zander Natallanni of Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse and Michael Muehlbauer of Sustain-a-culture will be holding two Q&A sessions in order to address concerns as well as collaborate on ideas with the area’s residents and business merchants on this improvement.

Meeting times are as follows:
Saturday June 7, 10 pm–2 pm at Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse
Saturday June 14, 10 pm–2 pm at Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse

These times are designed for residents to be able to drop in for a few moments on their schedules. Or you can email [email protected]


The Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse
2818 E. Madison St
Seattle WA 98112


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AFH Salon Nominated for Awards


AFH Salon has been invited to participate in the first annual Northwest Hairstyling awards. As a team we will present models on stage this September.


We're very excited that two of our talented stylists have been nominated for awards. A big congratulations to Jeremy Abraham (Hairstylist of the Year) and Danaelle Bell (Newcomer). Stayed tuned for results and pictures of our work coming this fall.


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Lila Yoga Open House

JUNE 2, 2014 | EDITOR

Lila-FamilyLila Yoga is under new management and is holding an open house. Indira and Jason would like to introduce themselves to the Madison Valley community and talk about their classes. Stop by to have a snack and say hello.

: Saturday & Sunday
June 7th & 8th, 14th & 15th

Time: 12pm to 4pm


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King County crews respond to sinkhole.

JUNE 1, 2014 | EDITOR

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) crews and contractors are responding to a sinkhole that was reported May 31, along 40th Avenue near East Olive Street in Madison Valley.

Crews came to cover the sinkhole with steel plates for safety reasons, and traffic flow can continue through the neighborhood. Community outreach employees with WTD are going door-to-door along 40th Avenue to provide information about the work that will be taking place in the neighborhood to repair the sinkhole. 

The sinkhole is approximately five feet wide and four feet deep, and surrounding a WTD manhole cover. Crews have not yet determined the cause of the sinkhole, and don’t believe that the sewer line running down 40th Avenue is broken.

There are several buried pipes that run through the area, including sewer and water pipes, and it has not yet been determined whether one of the pipes has broken.


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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: A Natural Outdoor Survival Kit


While exploring your local hiking trails and lake shores this summer, consider these natural products to keep handy.

Pharmaca-Family on BeachArnica

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that uses an ultra-dilute preparation of Arnica Montana, a flower known for speeding up healing time and decreasing pain post-trauma. This remedy is helpful for bruises, concussions and pains associated with sprains/strains from physical activity.


Like arnica, apis is another helpful homeopathic. Made from bee venom, it’s useful as an antidote for bites and stings from bees and other insects, as well as any trauma that results in swelling and throbbing pain.  


In general, sunscreens fall into one of two categories—mineral or chemical. Mineral sunscreens typically utilize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to reflect UV rays. These are not absorbed into the skin, and are stable in the presence of UV radiation. 

Chemical sunscreens use oxybenzone or avobenzone to absorb UV rays, which penetrate the skin and can cause allergic reactions and endocrine disruption. Because of this, a mineral sunscreen is appropriate for most people, but if you’ll be in the water or sweating heavily, a chemical sunscreen may provide longer and more reliable protection.

Bug Repellant

Many companies are manufacturing organic and all-natural bug sprays, rich in essential oils that repel bugs. In addition, making your own bug spray at home is quite simple: just combine 10 drops of strong essential oils like rosemary, citronella, lemongrass or eucalyptus with a natural astringent like witch hazel, in a spray bottle. This concoction is safe for adults and children alike, and you can even use it as a gentle mist on dogs! Avoid use on cats, however, as some essential oils can be toxic to them.


Lastly, if you're out and about, be sure to bring some powdered electrolytes to add to your water, as sweating greatly reduces the electrolyte concentration in your blood, which can cause headache and nausea.

The expert wellness team at Pharmaca Madison Park is always available to discuss natural products that might be right for you. I hope these simple and inexpensive remedies will help to make your summer happy and healthy!


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