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520 Bridge Opening Celebration


The grand opening of the world’s longest floating bridge takes place on April 2 and 3. There will be a fun run, a bike run, and various activities and food trucks along the expanse of the bridge. 


Run the bridge before you drive it!
Saturday, April 2 | 7:30 AM start
Register for the 10K run/walk on the new floating bridge presented by the Virginia Mason Heart Institute.

Grand Opening Celebration!
Saturday, April 2 | 10 AM – 5 PM
Free, fun, and accessible activities for all ages. And food trucks!

Ride the Emerald City Bike Ride!
Sunday, April 3 | 7 AM – 12:30 PM
Join a unique 20-mile bike ride through Seattle, with route options for all ages produced by Cascade Bicycle Club. Update: SOLD OUT

For more details go to:


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Construction of Arboretum Loop Trail Begins


On Monday, March 28, construction crews will begin work on the new Loop Trail. Construction is scheduled to run through December 2017.

The Arboretum Loop Trail is a 1.2-mile trail that will connect to Arboretum Drive, creating a 2.5-mile path through the Washington Park Arboretum and provide improved access to the flagship public garden. Seattle Parks and Recreation awarded the construction contract to Ohno Construction for the paved, multi-use Arboretum Loop Trail.



The Arboretum will remain free and open to the public throughout construction. Safety for visitors, contractors, volunteers and staff is the priority during construction of the Arboretum Loop Trail. We may temporarily close or reroute some trails when work is taking place nearby. To receive meeting notification and construction updates please visit

In June 2013, City Council approved $7.8 million from WSDOT to fund implementation of the Arboretum loop. This project, as outlined in the Arboretum’s Master Plan, is key in mitigating the effects of the upcoming replacement of the SR 520 Bridge. It fulfills the Master Plan’s three primary goals: conservation, recreation and education. It will also improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists visiting the Arboretum. Additionally, the project restores portions of Arboretum Creek and nearby wetlands.

For more information about the project visit: If you have questions email [email protected] or contact project manager Garrett Farrell at [email protected] or 233-7921.


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February 2016 Police Reports


February’s police report total for Madison Valley was similar to January’s, close to 70. Once again, incidents involving car prowl and vehicle theft were the most prevalent and burglaries remained in the double digits (10). However, we had a respite from reported crimes against persons such as aggravated assault and robbery.


1. During the early morning hours of Feb. 1 someone gained entry to a package storage area in an apartment building on 19th near Denny and took the packages being stored there. Residents later found the opened packages in a stairwell of the building and reported losses of approximately $270. The apartment building had suffered a similar burglary a year ago and subsequently installed surveillance cameras. A video of the burglary was not available at the time of the police report.

2. On Feb. 4 police were called to a residence on Union near 26th at 11:30 PM to investigate a burglary that had occurred while the resident was at work. The burglar smashed open a sliding glass door to gain entry and stole a digital camera and a laptop. Police found no fingerprints at the scene.

3. Sometime between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM on Feb. 5 a burglar entered an apartment on 23rd near Denny through an unlocked bedroom window. Although not all of the residents had assessed their losses at the time of the police report, items valued at least $1000 as well as personal documents were stolen. Police found fingerprints at the scene.

4. On Feb. 7 someone smashed open a window on a garage at a residence on 22nd near Denny. Because the window was made of frosted glass, the would-be burglar did not know that there was a stacked washer/dryer just inside the window that prevented easy access. The obstacle apparently caused the burglar to give up trying to enter the garage and the owner found nothing missing.

5. On Feb. 8 at about 2 AM police were called to an apartment building on 25th near Denny by a woman who heard someone tampering with the screen on her bedroom window. When she went to the window she found man who told her that his grandmother lived in the building and that he was trying to get into her apartment. The man fled when the woman told him that she was going to call the police. Police searched the area after they arrived but did not find a suspect.

6. On Feb 12 a resident on Pine near 25th reported a burglary that had occurred on Feb. 11. She told them that earlier that morning she found that the screens for several of her windows had been removed and that the screen for her bedroom window had been cut. Upon investigating further, she found that someone had stolen a cell phone and some clothing from packages that had been delivered earlier on the 11th. Because she returned home late in the evening on the 11th the resident did not notice the missing screens at that time, and police were unable to find fingerprints on the screens because of the heavy rains during the night.

7. On Feb. 22 police were called to a residence on Madison near 32nd to investigate a burglary that had just occurred. A woman who was house sitting for a relative returned from a brief errand at 12:20 PM and saw the burglar exiting the home, After being observed. the burglar, described as a black male in his 20s about 5′ 7″ tall and wearing a blue hoodie, fled west through an alley near 32nd and Ward. Police searched the area but were unable to find the burglar, who apparently entered the home through a back window. Police recovered some of the items that the burglar was in the process of taking and found finger prints on them.

8. On Feb. 22 there was a non-forced burglary at a residence on Helen near 24th. The incident involved additional violations, but the police have not posted a description of it yet.

9. Also on Feb. 22 a burglar broke into an apartment building on 19th near Denny by “hot-wiring” the electronic entry system. Once inside, the burglar broke into an apartment in the building and stole two Music Man guitars, guitar equipment and a laptop. The victim had been posting a sales listing for some used guitars on Craigslist during the past few months, and gave the police the name of a person who wanted to buy a guitar which was not for sale but was stolen during the burglary. Police found fingerprints at the scene.

10. On Feb. 23 at around 10:15 PM the owner of a home on E. Washington Place was awakened by loud noises coming from his back door. When he went to the back of his house to investigate he found that someone had tried to force the door open with some kind of prying tool. The burglar must have been frightened away because the owner saw no one. When the police arrived they could find no suspects in the neighborhood nor any evidence of further damage. Police sent a light bulb that the burglar had loosened in its socket above the back door to the police lab for possible fingerprints.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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Land Use Notices Madison Valley Area, Feb 24 - Mar 21, 2016


Here are city planning items of interest and the Dept. of Construction & Inspections Land Use notices within the last month for communities from 21st Ave east to Lake Washington and E Union St north to SR-520.




2100 E Madison St

Design Review Meeting on Wed. March 23, 8:00 p.m., Seattle University Student Center 210 for land Use Application to allow a 6-story structure containing 50 apartment units and 3,800 sq. ft. of commercial at street level. Parking for 20 vehicles to be provided. Existing structure to be demolished. Zone: Neighborhood Commercial 3-65′ Pedestrian, Arterial within 100 ft., Urban Village Overlay.

Notice of Design Review Board Recommendation Meeting


1115 34th Ave

Streamlined Design Review for proposed two, three-story structures containing two live-work units and four townhouses. Surface parking for four vehicles to be provided. Existing structure to be demolished. The Director will accept written comments to assist in the preparation of the early design guidance through March 23, 2016. You are invited to offer comments regarding important site planning and design issues, which you believe, should be addressed in the design for this project. Please note that this is the only opportunity to comment on this proposal. Zone: Neighborhood Commercial 1-30′, Lowrise-2, Arterial within 100 ft.

Notice of Streamlined Design Review


2812 E Union St

Land Use application to subdivide one parcel of land into two parcels of land. Proposed sizes are: A) 3,953 sq. ft. and B) 1,843 sq. ft. Existing structures to be demolished.  Zone: Lowrise-1, Arterial within 100 ft.

Notice of Application


130 21st Ave E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zone: Lowrise-3, Scenic view within 500 ft., Urban Village Overlay

Notice of Application


132 21st Ave E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zone: Lowrise-3, Scenic view within 500 ft., Urban Village Overlay

Notice of Application


139 22nd Ave E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zone: Lowrise-3, Scenic view within 500 ft., Urban Village Overlay

Notice of Application


141 22nd Ave E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zone: Lowrise-3, Scenic view within 500 ft., Urban Village Overlay

Notice of Application


1711 25th Ave

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zone: Lowrise-1, Steep slope (>=40%)

Notice of Application


457 39th Ave E

Land Use Application to allow a new three story, single family dwelling unit in an environmentally critical area. Parking for one vehicle to be located within the structure. The following approvals are required: Variance to allow development in a steep slope area. Zone: Urban Residential, Potential slide area, Steep Slope (>=40%), Scenic view within 500 ft., Single Family 7200  

Notice of Application



Land Use Information Bulletins
Property & Building Activity Interactive Map 
Design Review Board

Buildings in Design Review Map

Seattle In Progress


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Notable Neighbors: Catherine Nunnelly

MARCH 20, 2016 | EDITOR

Each year, Seattle Parks and Recreation recognizes outstanding volunteers with its Denny Award. One nominee in 2015 was Madison Valley’s Catherine Nunneley. 


Nunnelly was recognized for her service as the Forest Steward of the Harrison Ridge Greenbelt. The urban forest is located on 32nd Ave E between E John St and E Denny Way. She has been working to preserve the greenbelt for the last seven years.

Urban greenspaces are endangered by housing development. Catherine and other volunteers plant native trees and shrubs that will grow into healthy forests that support local wildlife and the natural ecosystem. The process of planting, weeding, and mulching takes several years before the new flora are established.


These open spaces, she explained, are beautiful when maintained, add value to the housing market, and provide a habitat for birds and other animals.

To read more about Catherine Nunnelly’s work on the greenbelt, see this excellent Madison Times article.


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RPZ Policies Being Studied


Madison Valley has an RPZ (Restricted Parking Zone), on both the North and South side of East Madison Street. The RPZ impacts many households and businesses in the neighborhood. 



Yellow and red indicate RPZ. Red only is restricted parking times. 


The RPZ program was created in 1979 to help ease parking congestion in residential neighborhoods. Permits cost $65 each and a valid  for 2 years. 

It’s been many years since the RPZ program was evaluated. Now SDOT is working on a project to  review and possibly update the RPZ policies.

If you are impacted by an RPZ zone please fill out the following survey:

For More Information on RPZ Zones:

Information about the 2015-2016 Policy Review:

The Code:

Contact Info:
Becky Edmonds
Associate Transportation Planner
[email protected]


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First Annual Mad John St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl


We at The BottleNeck Lounge and Two Doors Down are hosting our first ever St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl – a crawl indeed as our two bars are located 10 feet from one another on Madison at John. Being of Irish heritage, we take this holiday very seriously – our corned beef sandwiches are utterly outstanding, our Irish Coffee appeals to the masses and not an ounce of green beer will be found. In fact, all of our featured Irish-style beers were actually brewed right here in the Northwest.


Thursday 3/17 – The Feast of St. Patrick at The BottleNeck Lounge & Two Doors Down, featuring corned beef simmered in Guinness, piled high on rye and a bevy of regional Irish Style beers. 4 PM onward

Friday 3/18 – The Irish Happy Hour. $4 pints of Irish brew from both bars from 4–6 PM. $7 Jameson shots at The BottleNeck and corned beef sandwiches into the night.

Saturday 3/19 – St. Pat’s Lunch at Two Doors Down. Wear your green and bring the kids. Face-painting, green rice krispy treats and Double Mountain Irish Stout floats for the adults. Noon until the taps run dry, and face-painting until 2 PM.


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Easter Brunch at Cafe Flora


Cafe Flora is Seattle’s premier spot for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cuisine. Their extensive brunch menu is perfect for those looking for a healthy and hearty Easter meal in a bright, garden-like atmosphere.

Brunch options include:

Berry French Toast with Columbia City Bakery brioche dipped in a rich egg batter, berry compote, candied pumpkin seeds, and whipped lime mascarpone.

Hoppin’ John Fritters with black-eyed pea cakes, cayenne aioli, apple-mint relish, smoky collard greens and cheesy grits.

Hoppin’ John Fritters

Forager Scramble with eggs or seasoned tofu, chanterelle and crimini mushrooms, butternut squash, fried sage, sautéed onions and goat cheese.

Sunday brunch is served from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The full brunch menu can be found at Reservations for six or more can be made by calling 206.325.9100. Cafe Flora is located at 2901 E. Madison St., Seattle.


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MV Merchants Assoc. and Community Council Meeting


As we welcome spring, we welcome you to our first Madison Valley Merchants Association and Community Council meeting of the year this Wednesday at Café Flora starting at 8:30 am.

We will be discussing the BIA, Spring Clean, the Greenway project on Madison and 29th Ave East, and of course the City People Redevelopment. Coffee and pastry provided. Please be on time and feel free to bring a friend or business colleague.

Rob Liebreich
Madison Valley Merchants Association
[email protected]


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City People’s: Is This Goodbye?


Many of you have seen the surveyors and trucks on our property and have had questions about what is happening. We are sad to report that the property City People's Garden Store leases is in the process of being sold. While there is still uncertainty as to whether the sale will go through, we are preparing for that possibility.




The timeline is still being determined, but we have been assured of being open at least through 2016. We will keep you posted as details emerge.

We are devastated by this news but are determined to enjoy this year and to make it our best ever. The staff wants everyone to know that we have cherished your support over the years, and we will make the most of the remaining time. We love what we do. Each day we remind ourselves how lucky we have been to work together in such a nurturing environment, in this location, with such great customers. 

Some staff are exploring the possibility of creating a new retail nursery if it comes to that. As these plans develop, we will be asking the community for help in this endeavor.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue to visit us in Madison Valley and in return, we will continue to provide a great selection of outdoor plants, houseplants, gift items and excellent customer service.

Thank you very much,
Steve Magley & Staff



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Transportation Enhancements to Start This Spring


This spring we will see the opening of two light rail stations, the King County Metro restructure to link with light rail, and the opening of the new state Route 520 floating bridge. Many of these changes will affect the Capitol Hill area and the neighboring communities.



Light rail

On March 19, Sound Transit will open light rail stations at Broadway and John Street and at Husky Stadium at Montlake Boulevard Northeast.

The Capitol Hill Station (CHS) has two access points: one at Broadway and John, and a second one just north of Seattle Central College, on the west side of Broadway.

The First Hill Streetcar is now operating and is an easy way to access CHS. The CHS will also be accessible by current Metro Routes 8, 10, 9x, 43, 49 and 60.

King County Metro is moving some of the bus stops closer to the Broadway light rail entrance at Broadway and Pine Street to make the transfer between Metro and the light rail as easy and safe as possible. Metro will also add a new stop at the west entrance to light rail just north of the college on Broadway for Routes 49, 60, and 9X.

The Husky Stadium entrance allows easy access to the stadium and pavilion, the University of Washington Medical Center and numerous bus connections to areas north. (Additional information on the Sound Transit Link light rail is at The next light rail expansion will give us additional stations between Husky Stadium and Northgate.

If you plan to use light rail, it is best to have an ORCA card, which is honored by Metro and Sound Transit; Metro transfers will not work on Sound Transit’s light rail. The ORCA card is easy to get online ( or in person, easy to refill, gives you a two-hour transfer and eliminates the need for cash and paper transfers.

Sound Transit uses distance traveled to calculate fares and has no zones or peak-hour fares like Metro. When you transfer within two hours using an ORCA card between Metro and Sound Transit, your first fare applies as credit toward your next fare. (The fare schedule for Sound Transit is available at



The Metro restructure

The King County Metro restructure will occur on March 26, one week after the opening of the two new light rail stations. The Link Connections website describes the Metro Restructure: major transportation improvements culminate years of work by King County Metro, Sound Transit and the Seattle Department of Transportation.

The major route changes for Capitol Hill are:

New or improved connections to the CHS on Routes 8, 10 and 49 and on unchanged Routes 9 and 60.

• The First Hill Streetcar connection with CHS.

• Increased frequency on Routes 8, 12, 48 and 49.

• More reliable service on Routes 8 and 48, which split into two shorter routes.

• Route 43 will only have 30-minute peak-hour service on weekdays.

• Route 10 will go west on East John Street at 15th Avenue East to Olive Way/Bellevue Avenue and downtown, rather than going south to East Pine Street.

• Route 11 will stay on the current East Madison and Pike/Pine corridor, with new seven- to 15-minute service and 60-foot buses during peak hours.

• New night and weekend service on Routes 8, and 12.

There have been numerous public outreaches by the transportation agencies that resulted in the design that will start in March. There will be more changes in the future, with the passage of Move Seattle in November 2015. The Madison Bus Rapid Transit may be a game-changer for the entire Madison corridor and may impact other bus routes in the Capitol Hill area.

(Go to to see how routes will change on March 26.)

Planning for change

In early March, Metro will notify when you can:

• Enter a travel date of March 26 or later in Metro’s online Trip Planner.

• Sign up for Transit Alerts for routes you use.

• Obtain online timetables for Metro service effective on March 26, which will be posted on Metro’s website on the afternoon of Friday, March 25.

• Route changes to One Bus Away, effective on March 26.

• Obtain printed schedules for Metro routes, available a week before they occur.

For more information, help with trip planning or access in other formats, contact DeAnna Martin from Metro at (206) 477-3835 or [email protected].



New SR 520 Bridge

Westbound lanes on the new SR 520 bridge are tentatively expected to open April 11, and eastbound lanes are scheduled to open April 25.

The new bridge has two all-purpose lanes and a carpool-bus lane in each direction, subject to the same tolling as today. Cars will continue to use the old bridge just east of Foster Island until the SR 520-to-Montlake segment is completed.

REG NEWBECK is a Madison Park resident and an avid user of public transportation.


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Annie Fisher Hair hires three new stylists!


At AFH Salon, we are lucky enough to welcome three talented stylists to the family. These ladies embody our culture and are dedicated to providing a safe space while creating customized looks for each client’s lifestyle. We’re excited to welcome them to the wonderful neighborhood of Madison Valley.

This came about when Seven, a large salon downtown, shut its doors overnight and left over 40 beauty professionals without a space to practice their craft. When crisis strikes, it calls us to help. This time it happened to be stylists within our community who needed assistance and this town really rallied. As quickly as the closure of Seven had been announced, Facebook groups sprang up where clients could find their stylists, salons could find talent and everyone offered support for these artists. This dark cloud came with a silver lining.

Meet Desiree, Theresa and Brooke!




AFH Salon has been open in Madison Valley for 2.5 years and now with more stylists, we offer more availability. If you haven’t visited us before, we invite you to call or check our website to learn more about our growing salon family and our community involvement. Better yet, stop in and say hello!
Like us at AFH Salon on Facebook


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