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Land Use Notices Madison Valley, Oct 8 - Oct 29, 2015


Here are the Dept. of Planning and Development’s Land Use notices in the last three weeks for communities from 21st Ave east to Lake Washington and E Union St north to SR-520.


1106 34th Ave

Council Land Use Action to rezone a 4,808 sq. ft. portion of land from LR2 to NC1-30 and a 6,109 sq. ft. portion of land from LR2 to LR3. The property is bounded on the South by East Spring Street, to the West by 34th Avenue, to the North by a commercial building at 1112 34th Ave and to the East by an unimproved alley adjacent to 1101 35th Avenue.

Notice of Application


1711 25th Ave

Land Use Application to allow four, 3-story single family residences in an environmentally critical area. Parking for four vehicles to be provided. Existing structure to be demolished. Environmental Review includes future unit lot subdivision. Zone: Lowrise-1, Steep Slope (>=40%)

Notice of Application




Land Use Information Bulletins
Property & Building Activity Interactive Map 
Design Review Board

Buildings in Design Review Map

Seattle In Progress


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Madison BRT Study: Presenting the Latest Design Concept


For over a year, SDOT has been working with communities along the Madison Corridor to develop and assess bus rapid transit (BRT) design concepts from the waterfront to Madison Valley.

Please join your neighbors to review the latest Madison Corridor BRT design concept and see how we are responding to community input. Discussions will focus on the latest design opportunities, including a new Madison Valley routing option and a potential future extension of BRT service to Madison Park.


The meeting is accessible via Metro routes 2 and 12, along with Metro routes serving 3rd Ave. There is bicycle parking near the 4th and 5th Avenue entrances. There are also covered bike racks in the parking garage reached from Spring Street.

If you need translation/interpretation services or accommodations for a disability, please contact Sara Walton at (206) 386-4645 or [email protected] by November 9.

For more information about this project, visit:

Monday, November 16
5 – 7 PM
Presentation at 5:30 PM
Seattle Public Library, Level 4, Room 1
1000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


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Fall Into Health


It's party time! MoveMend is hosting a party with some of our favorite health and wellness colleagues. Meet and mingle with your local wellness professionals.


Aaron Shaw, MoveMend Shoulder/Arm/Hand Therapy

Rachel Carey DeBusk, Personal Trainer, USA Triathalon Coach 

Andrea J. Walker, Nutritional Therapy 

Dr. Anita LeBlanc, Chiropractor at NW Sports Rehab 

D'vorah Levy, Acupuncturist 

Dr. Ian McLogan, Naturopath 

Joseph Hunton, Hellerwork/Massage 

Richard Chadek, Personal Development Coach 

Saturday, October 24th
11 am-2 pm
Free food and drink
Door prizes 

No need to RSVP. Just drop in.

2818 E. Madison St., Seattle (Next to FastFrame)
Phone: 206-641-7733
Email: [email protected]


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MV Merchants Assoc Meeting on Wednesday


The Madison Valley Merchants Associatioin meeting is tomorrow. All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, Oct 21
8:30 AM
Cafe Flora


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Pets of Madison Valley Oct 2015


Pets of the Month returns with some of our favorite customers from All the Best Pet Care.

First up: Theo, our first Halloween costume model!

Lou, a stylish 10-year-old toy poodle.

One of our favorite neighborhood regulars, Mac, enjoying his 7th birthday cake.

Mac and his BFF Steve (another regular!) having a birthday playdate.

Lovely golden retriever sisters McKinley and Miley.

And finally, a visiting 10-week-old Boston terrier puppy.


See special offers from All The Best on pet food and supplies.

Logo-All the Best Pet Care


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September 2015 Police Reports


During September, burglaries in Madison Valley dropped to nine from their August level of fourteen, but because the levels of other kinds of crime remained roughly the same, the overall number of police reports dipped only slightly to 49. Car prowl theft returned to the Arboretum in September and accounted for about a third of the Madison Valley reports of that crime.

As was true in August, the police have not posted descriptions of several of the nine September burglaries. Also, there was an interesting incident at the Safeway store in which a shoplifting incident turned out to be a burglary.


1. On Sept. 1 there was a unforced-entry burglary at a home on 24th near Howell.

2. On Sept. 4 at about 9:50 AM police were called to a home on 26th Ave. near Howell to investigate an attempted burglary that had just occurred. When they arrived, a resident told the police that she had been sleeping but was awakened when she heard her bedroom door open. When the intruder entered her bedroom she yelled at him, at which point he left the room, ran out of the house, and ran northward in the alley west of the house. Another resident was on the second floor when this occurred and gave chase to the intruder but was unable to find him. The burglar apparently took nothing from the home before running away, and police were unable to find suspects in the neighborhood.

3. On Sept. 8 a forced-entry burglary occurred at home on 29th Ave. near Pine.

4. During the morning of Sept. 11 a burglar used a ladder stored behind a residence on Pike near 25th to remove an air conditioner from a bedroom window. The burglar then stole jewelry, bicycles, computers and a handgun, in total worth approximately $17,000, from the home. Police found no usable fingerprints at the scene.

5. On Sept 14 an unforced-entry burglary occurred at a home on 30th Ave. near Howell.

6. On Sept. 23 police were called to a residence on 31st Ave. E. near John to investigate a burglary that had taken place during the previous weekend while the resident was away from home. When she returned, the resident noticed that items in her home had been moved during her absence, and she subsequently discovered that six coats, worth approximately $800, were missing. The resident told police that she suspects that her son, who has a drug problem and a key to her home, was the burglar.

7. Sometime during the night of Sept. 23-24 a burglar entered an unlocked garage on the alley between 29th and 30th near Pike and stole tools and bicycles worth approximately $2400. No usable fingerprints were found on the door through which the burglar entered the garage.

8. During the morning of Sept. 24 police were called to an apartment building on 24th Ave. E. near Denny to investigate the burglary of a storage unit in a secured area of the building. The burglar pried open the door of the storage unit and removed items from it. The person who rents the storage unit is on a long trip out of the country, however, so the police and other residents were unable to determine what had been taken. Police found no fingerprints.

9. On Sept. 25 at 9 PM police were called to the Safeway store on Madison and 22nd to deal with two shoplifters who had just been apprehended by store employees after attempting to steal merchandise. One of the shoplifters was known by the “loss prevention officer” at the store to have been arrested for shoplifting at other stores and, as a result, to have been banned from entering any Safeway store in the Puget Sound area. As a result, that shoplifter was arrested for burglary. The other shoplifter received a trespassing warning.

There were two robbery reports during September, one of which appears to involve extreme action on the part of an apartment owner/manager.

1. On Sept. 17 just before 8 PM a robber, described only as a black male, assaulted another man at 22nd and Union and took his shoes and cell phone. The robbery was witnessed by plain cloths detectives who reported the robbery to police headquarters. The robber fled before a squad car arrived and apparently no one noticed which way they fled. The victim told the uniformed policeman that he did not know the robber, but refused to answer any other questions. The victim then left the scene apparently unhurt.

2. On Sept. 23 at around 8:30 PM police were called to an address on 25th near Howell to investigate a fight involving several people. When the police arrived they located a man at 24th and Howell who told them that he had been the victim of a home invasion. The victim told the police that he was living in an apartment on 25th near Howell, but two days earlier had been notified by his landlord that he had to vacate it. He was still in the apartment on Sept. 23 when two men and a woman, apparently relatives of the owner or manager of the apartment, came to his door and demanded that he leave the apartment and turn over the keys. When he refused, the males broke a window and came into the apartment armed with a metal baseball bat, at which time the victim fled. The males gave chase and caught up with him at 24th and Howell where they started beating him with the baseball bat. They then forced the victim to give them his pants, which contained the keys to the apartment, and then left to go back to the apartment. After hearing the victim's story, which was corroborated by a witness who at the time was returning home from the nearby YMCA, the police went to the apartment and found the victim's pants but no one in the apartment. The victim was then taken to Harborview for treatment of his injuries.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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There Will Be Light!


The Holiday Lighting fund has reached its primary goal, and we’ll have lights this season extending from Harvest Vine to City People’s. In addition, the new restaurant Two Doors Down has contributed enough to light their block as well. Our current total is: Merchants—$5750; Residents—$2741. We thank all our contributors and wish everyone a warm and BRIGHT Season’s Greetings! 



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The First Annual Mad John Pumpkin Festival


Celebrate Autumn over a pint of something pumpkin! Sample over a dozen pumpkin beers and ciders on one block (with no cover!), many from breweries located in Washington. Kids are always welcome at Two Doors Down, where we’ll be featuring our Pumpkin Smash Burger (1/4 lb NW beef patty, roasted delicata squash, house-made pumpkin seed pesto on a brioche bun), sweet potato fries and pretzel knots for the kids. All the taps at The BottleNeck are going pumpkin for the day and we’ll be serving our WORLD FAMOUS La Calabaza Margarita (with a nutmeg spiced rim) as well as a spiked punch right from a Jack O’Lantern. Grab your best friend, don your favorite fall hoodie and join us for the day!


Saturday, October 24
Noon until Midnight
We’re at the intersection of E. John and E. Madison


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New Layover Options for Madison BRT


UPDATE: The illustration below and the linked PDF have been revised to show the correct traffic direction for Option 2.

The Madison Corridor BRT study has developed two new options for layover and turnaround locations. SDOT has set a date to walk the area and discuss the layover options next Tuesday. The full details of the options and ways to send input to SDOT are included in their PDF Fact Sheet.

layover options

BRT Layover Options Walkabout
Tuesday, October 20
3:30 – 5:00 PM

The group will be at the southwest corner of Madison St and Lake Washington Blvd (near Pagliacci Pizza) at 3:30 PM and at Julia Lee’s Park (SW corner of E. Harrison and MLK Jr. Way) at 4:15 PM.


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Shaggy Customers Wanted


Finally, a dog groomer in Madison Valley! 

I’ve been asking groomers across the city to open a location in Madison Valley for years, and now I’m happy to report that Just Around the Corner dog grooming will be located next door to All the Best Pets. 


JATC offers a complete range of dog grooming services, including $8.00 nail trims. The full range of services is available here:

This will be the second location for JATC, their first is in Queen Anne. The Queen Anne location has 80 reviews, most of them 5 star.

According to owner Amber Rogers, the Madison Valley location is scheduled to open before the end of the year. We’ll post their opening date as soon as we have it.




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Seattle 2035: Help Shape Our Communities for the Next 20 Years!


People often ask how is it that a certain kind of building can be built, how are parks and open spaces  planned, or why did that neighborhood get street enhancements? Much of how we see Seattle shape itself since 1994 is due to Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan: Toward a Sustainable Seattle which has guided growth in Seattle with the goal of fostering a healthy and vibrant city. This was followed up by citywide Neighborhood Planning process, which is supposed to guide and set priorities for Department of Neighborhoods grants to focus on creating “complete” neighborhoods as we grow and change. From guiding investment by the city to something as prosaic as comments requested on a project land use application, the plan sets the social and natural environmental components that are prioritized and considered.


By Washington State law, we must update our plan every 20 years to account for what we have learned and provide the schema for the buildings, processes and priorities to shape growth and investment in the development of Seattle for the next 20 years. Your voice and involvement is critical because this is our plan. It is only through citizen involvement in the planning, and citizen oversight over the next 20 years, that we realize a plan that creates a great city for all of us to live, work, learn and recreate in.

The City of Seattle will hold five community meetings to gather public comments on Seattle 2035, the Draft City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan. The updated Comprehensive Plan will guide city policy and investments for the next 20 years. The meetings will include open house displays and a presentation to provide a broad overview of the Draft Plan, and will highlight major changes.

The first of these open houses is in our neighborhood on: 

Monday, October 19
6 – 8pm
Miller Community Center Multipurpose Room
330 19th Ave E.

The Seattle 2035 process of the last year has included a number of community meetings, public hearings, events, and opportunities for online feedback and has culminated in this draft plan. If you participated in any of those events, or are newly interested, consider attending one of the open houses or joining the  online conversation at Seattle 2035. The comment period ends November 20.


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Land Use Notices Madison Valley, Sep 9 - Oct 7, 2015


Here are the Dept. of Planning and Development’s Land Use notices for the last month, along with Seattle citywide planning and land use projects of interest. We have newly expanded coverage including the communities east of 21st to Lake Washington and north of Union to roughly SR-520 and Union Bay.




1629 42nd Ave E
Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into two unit lots. The construction of residential units is under Project #6442134. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Zoning: Lowrise 1, Scenic View
Notice of Application

2100 E Madison St
Land Use Application to allow a 6-story structure containing 50 residential units and 3,800 sq. ft. of commercial at street level. Parking for 20 vehicles to be provided. Existing structure to be demolished. Zoning: Neighborhood Commercial 3-65’ Pedestrian, Arterial within 100 ft., Urban Village Overlay
Notice of Application

3014 E Denny Way
Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into two unit lots. The construction of residential units are under Project #361784/547561. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lot. Zoning: Single Family 5000, Liquefaction Prone Soils
Notice of Application


Land Use Information Bulletins
Property & Building Activity Interactive Map
Design Review Board

Buildings in Design Review Map

Seattle In Progress 


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New Italian Restaurant to Open in Pizza Hut Location


Luigi DeNunzio, owner of several Italian restaurants in Pioneer Square, is taking over the Pizza Hut location in Madison Valley at the corner of Madison and MLK.

The new restaurant will be called Aglio e Olio, and will feature inexpensive, modest traditional Italian food — no pizza!




The Seattle Eater scooped us on this one, so we’ll link to the full story at their site:


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#11 Route Compromise


The following quote from the MPCC (Madison Park Community Council) in the Community Corner of the October Madison Park Times should explain the why of the proposed routing of the 11 E Madison in March 2016. 

“We have also reached a compromise with Metro Transit over the re-routing of the No. 11 bus. Our consensus was that we wanted as little change to the current routing as possible; Metro’s bottom line was that it wanted the route to provide direct access to the new Sound Transit station on Capitol Hill. The new routing achieves both of these goals but will, unfortunately, add about five minutes’ travel time to the route.”

It would be interesting to know how this decision was made and why the actual bus rider users of the 11 were not in the decision with Metro, especially since their decision impacts more than the few on the MPCC. The 11 does not belong to Madison Park and its route impacts users of the 8, 10, 12, 43 and 48 and the current users of the 11. 

This is a back-room deal that affects a lot of people and should not go unanswered by those affected. And yes, this coup affects not only the 11 riders but those on the 43!


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