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Summer Art Show!


New Works by Carla Dimitriou

Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 6 from 6 to 8 pm

Join us for great art, fun company and yummy snacks!

We're so pleased to present new paintings on paper and panel by one of our favorite local artists! The special relationship between animals and their humans is a constant theme in Dimitriou's work, which is characterized by expressive color and strong shapes.

Free for All Images - baas-june2019CatMan22x30.jpg

Cat Man, Mixed Media on Paper, 30" x 22"

Free for All Images - baas-june2019AlmostTime.jpg

Cookies??, Mixed Media on Paper, 30" x 22"

Baas Framing Studio

2703 E. Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

206.324.4742 |

[email protected]


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It’s That Time: Annual Tax Relief Sale!


It’s simple: We pay the sales tax! And that ain’t nuthin’.

Free for All Images - monopoly-man.jpeg

Mention this article to get the discount! Offer applies to all NEW custom framing orders placed between Apr 1 through Apr 15, 2019. Orders must include a frame or custom acrylic display item. Cannot be combined with other discounts, sales or gift certificates. Some exclusions apply.


Baas Framing Studio
2703 East Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98112
[email protected]


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21st Annual Winter Group Show


Baas Framing Studio will be holding its 21st Annual Winter Group Show from November 16 – December 31, 2017.

An artist reception will be held on Thursday November 16th, 6 pm to 8 pm. Come meet the Artists and enjoy cider, wine, and snacks!

Sculptures by Sandi Bransford

We're pleased to feature Sandi's newest body of work "Journeys." Animals, birds, and figurative references abound, and each piece has a compelling presence animated by color and texture. Kiln-fired clay is hand painted in acrylic paint with intricate textures that enhance these beautifully hand-built characters.


Free for All Images - baas-kitty
"Annabelle," hand-painted ceramic and wood, 16" x 7" x 6"


Jewelry by Twyla Dill

Twyla Dill jewelry combines hand fabricated and cast metals with hand crocheted lace. She uses a lace technique called 'oya', traditionally crocheted on Turkish headscarves. Each piece is crocheted in her signature patterns and style. Lightweight and easy to wear every day or as a signature piece to enhance an outfit.


Free for All Images - baas-dill


Holiday Gifts and Small Works!

Also on view: Small works by Carla Dimitriou, prints by Judy Talley, and Venetian plaster paintings by Miguel Lee-Leon. We also have a great gift selection of locally made and fair-trade items! Felted sculptures by Snooter Doots, candles by Big Dipper, and cards & bath items by Shannon Martin make fun presents!


Free for All Images - baas-birds
Hand-carved birds from Brazil and ceramic mask by Barbara Clark, $70 – $145


Baas Framing Studio
SEATTLE, WA, 98112


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Madison Valley Community Council Loans Painting to YMCA


On Tuesday, January 17th, the Madison Valley Community Council was honored to loan their Bill Cumming painting Two Figures Running to the Meredith Matthews YMCA. Everyone involved with the project was thrilled.


Jerry Sussman with the painting.


Many years ago, the famous iconic northwest artist, Bill Cumming, gifted one of his favorite works to the Council. Bill had a close relationship with the founding members of the council, most notably Pearl Castle and Jerry Sussman. He donated the painting with the stipulation that it be exhibited in a public space for the enjoyment of the community.

For many years, the painting was hung at the MLK Jr Elementary School. When the school closed, a MVCC committee was formed to oversee the painting’s future. Lead member, Jerry Sussman took the painting to the artist for consultation. Bill was astonished by his work.  “I’m a much better painter now!” he said. “I will retouch the painting”. He reworked the canvas, bringing the image of two running children to life with the brilliant color for which he is famous. Again he entreated Jerry that the painting be displayed for the enjoyment of the community and not be sold to a private collector.

Happily, the African-American Museum had recently opened and they were more than delighted to receive the work for their permanent exhibit. Many visitors enjoyed the painting for several years.

Last year the museum closed its permanent exhibit in favor of rotating art. The painting was put into storage. Although it was safely stored, this was not in keeping with the artist’s intention. The committee began to search for a new home.

The local neighborhood YMCA was identified as an appropriate recipient and from then on, all moved quickly. The painting was retrieved from the museum and taken to Baas Gallery for refurbishing. The frame and mat were restored and a new Plexiglas cover was installed. Owner Karrie Baas was able to give the committee a generous discount on the work since the committee’s members paid for the work privately.

Thank you, Karrie Baas!

On January 17th, the painting was officially loaned to the YMCA. We had a little cookie reception with a brief historical talk by Jerry Sussman. Both the staff and Y members enjoyed the celebration.

Bill Cumming was a member of the Northwest School of artists who were engaged in the modern art movement of the mid-twentieth century. He eventually developed a style of vibrant color depicting everyday life of ordinary people in a somewhat abstract attitude. He made his home in Seattle’s Central District and the African-American community greatly inspired his work. The MVCC painting depicts two children running toward the viewer, their faces in shadow, with brilliant color and movement. It is considered one of his best works.

Bill’s personal life was somewhat chaotic. He had ongoing health issues due to tuberculosis and spent years at the Firland Sanatorium here in Seattle. As a member of the Communist party, he experienced the blacklist along with so many other artists. Although he was always an activist for civil rights, he broke off all relations with organized politics to focus on his art.

He eventually achieved great success and enjoyed solo shows at both the Seattle Art Museum and Frye Museum. Both private individuals and institutions have collected his work. He was a teacher at the Burnley School of Professional Art (now, Art Institute of Seattle) and at Cornish. He taught into his 90s, including private workshops in his home. At his death, a special tribute was published in our local Real Change publication.

The MVCC is truly humbled and proud to be the guardian of such an extraordinary work of art by an extraordinary artist.

Bill Cumming Painting Committee:

Charles McDade
Cathy Nunneley
Eli Stahlhut
Jerry Sussman
Lindy Wishard


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Eye on Photography


A new photographic show from the Madison Art Collective has opened at the Baas Framing Studio. Exploring artistic themes in nature and the industrial world, “Eye On Photography” features four up-and-coming photographers with strong perspectives and high artistic quality. Works from Satya Curcio, Tony Ise, Karen Messick, and Bob Venezia are currently on display, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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Expanding Views Art Show


Expansive Views
November 15 - December 31, 2012
Opening Reception: 
Thursday, November 15 from 5 - 8 p.m.

Four of our favorite Northwest artists train their eye on the world around us to create new perspectives that expand our view of the landscape genre.  "Expansive Views" features new works on canvas and panel by Pat Clayton, Jeanne Edwards, Janice Webb Kirstein, and Julia Ricketts. 

Preview the show and share this event via
Facebook Event Page!

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Poets Corner


In honor of the impending elections, longtime valley resident Jerry Sussman has submitted some witty poems for our readers.

The Rain it Raineth
The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella;
But chiefly on the just, because
The unjust steals the justs umbrella.
– Anonymous

Election Reflection
Each day into the upper air
Ascends the politician's prayer -
"Grant me the gift of swift retort
And keep the public memory short"
– by M. K. Jones

Workers earn it,
Spendthrifts burn it,
Bankers lend it,
Yachtsmen spend it,
Forgers fake it,
Taxes take it,
Dying leave it,
Heirs receive it,
Thrifty save it,
Misers crave it,
Robbers seize it,
Rich increase it,
Gamblers lose it,
I sure could use it.
– by Richard Armour

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