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Land Use Notices Madison Valley, May 4 - May 28, 2015


Here are the Dept. of Planning and Development’s Land Use notices pertaining to the Madison Valley community from the last month. 

2035 Open House 

Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development has issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) addressing an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The City is considering text and map amendments to the Seattle Comprehensive Plan that may affect the distribution of 70,000 new housing units and 115,000 new jobs expected in Seattle by the year 2035, and that would influence various City operations.  The EIS evaluates four alternatives including a No Action Alternative and three other alternatives with different possible distributions of future residential and employment growth among Urban Centers, Urban Villages and other areas. 

Comments are due: June 17, 2015
Seattle 2035 Draft EIS Survey
Notice of Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Online Open House
Public Hearing Video


Amendments to Lowrise Multi-Family Zoning Regulations

The Seattle City Council is proposing to amend the Land Use Code (Title 23 of the Seattle Municipal Code) to make adjustments and corrections to the regulatory framework for Lowrise zones.

Comments due and public hearing: June 2, 2015
Notice of Public Hearing
Presentation to Council PLUS Committee at 56:44
Materials presented to Council PLUS Committee  3. Summary Matrix (for quick overview)
Backgound and Legislation



Land Use Application to allow a 4-story residential structure containing 50 units above 3,492 sq. ft. of retail space. Surface parking for 13 vehicles to be provided.

Notice of Decision
Project #3015490


1710 27TH AVE

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into six unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.

Notice of Application
Project #3020363  


1716 27TH AVE

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into two unit lots.  Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.

Notice of Decision
Project #3019489 


1729 25TH AVE

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into two unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.

Notice of Decision
Project #3020123 


221 24TH AVE E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into six unit lots.  Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.

Notice of Decision
Project #3016954



Land Use Information Bulletins
Property & Building Activity Interactive Map (Click the markers for more info.)
Design Review Board schedules and documents (New evolving website that has easy links to design proposals)


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Cascade Built’s New Passive House


View Haus 5, the city’s first Passive House-Constructed townhomes, offers a higher quality of life and lower carbon footprint — not to mention much cheaper energy bills.

“It’s about building homes that I would live in with my own family, ” said Cascade Built owner Sloan Ritchie. Most recently, Ritchie did just that with Park Passive, the city’s first certified Passive House. He’s now unveiling his newest Passive House project in his old stomping ground — Madison Valley. View Haus 5, aptly named for its five-unit community, Passive House design and striking views of the Cascade Mountains offers homebuyers the unique chance to live in a healthier, more comfortable home within a community of like-minded buyers just a mile from downtown Seattle.



Homes built to Passive House standards consume 80-90% less heating energy than traditionally built homes. This is achieved with an air-tight, super-insulated building envelope and the capture of solar heat gains through high-performance south facing windows.

Designed by award-winning b9 Architects, View Haus 5 has five distinct homes that were designed to appeal to a diverse group of buyers with a few commonalities. “The buyers of these homes understand the role air toxins play in asthma and allergies, are happiest when they can focus on living and not how much their utility bills will cost during a particularly cold winter, love the accessibility of living in the urban core, and they are visionaries in a larger global movement to reduce energy consumption, ” continued Ritchie.

View Haus 5’s modern design is a mix of 3-story 2b/2ba and 3bd/2ba townhomes ranging between 1,100 and 1,700 square feet. Unlike most townhomes that are mirror units or have one unit type for the entire complex, View Haus 5 bucks the cookie cutter trend with individually designed units. The homes are clad with 100-year old reclaimed barn wood, outdoor spaces include a central common courtyard and private rooftop decks with gas BBQ piping. Interiors offer an open floor plan, large windows, double-height spaces, LED lighting, and modern finishes.



View Haus 5 accompanies Cascade Built’s other Madison Valley projects, including the LEED Platinum Alley House 1, LEED Platinum, modularly built Alley House 2, and newly constructed Valley 3. The homes are just blocks from Madison Valley’s popular restaurants and shops, and within walking distance to Seattle’s bustling Pike/Pine corridor, a future Light Rail station, and one mile from downtown Seattle.

“We know that buildings are the number one consumer of energy in the world, and we know how to change that, but that’s not even what is so amazing about Passive House construction,” continued Ritchie. “For me and my family, it’s an overall improvement in our health and happiness — living comfortably and being mindful of how comfortable it is to sit in front of windows in the middle of winter and not feel an ounce of cold, drafty air.”

View Haus 5 will be completed in mid-November and celebrated with an open house for the community to tour the homes and learn more about Passive House construction. Presale opportunities of the homes will begin on November 7th with selling prices starting in the low $500,000 range.

“A friend of mine said it years ago when we were enjoying life and what it had to offer to its fullest — ‘it’s good living.’ That’s the mantra of this project,” closed Ritchie.

View Haus 5 will be open for a sneak peek (it's not done yet) on Sunday for the International Passive House Days tour. 12–4 pm, 208 25th Ave E.


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New Building at the Triangle


The Madison Apartments will be a mixed-use building on an existing vacant lot on the corner of East Madison Street and 23rdAvenue East. The project hopes to successfully develop a challenging site that is currently a missing tooth in the urban fabric, provide housing and commercial opportunities that are scaled to the local housing and business needs, and to develop a high quality building that is authentic to its time and is responsive to its context.

HUP West

We will be presenting the project at a Central Area Land Use Review Committee community meeting on October 15th, 6:30 pm at the Bullitt Center.

The project has been designed to respond to both the commercial nature of the Madison Corridor and to the residential nature of Denny.  Along the Madison corridor the project steps down the hill, creating multiple retail entries that can support small incubator retail businesses.  The façade design features large storefronts, projecting awnings, and a certain degree of visually dynamic asymmetrical composition.  Along Denny, the project uses similar materials, but there is no expressed storefront base, no continuous canopy, and the composition is more ordered and quiet.


The project has been specifically designed to step the lower levels of the building in order to adapt to the sloping public way.  This stepping allows for a more porous edge along the Madison commercial corridor and a minimization of the visual impacts of the parking and utility uses along the Denny façade. Placing the residential entrance along Denny Way creates pedestrian activity and activates all sides of the site.

At the corner between the Madison and Denny Facades, The project celebrates the corner with a façade that is more transparent, features a double height retail space, and expresses the geometry of the site by featuring a sharp prow that is typical of triangular sites in the Madison corridor. The transition from the corner prow to the Denny façade leaves a little space between the two masses to allow them to be visually distinct and resolve in a more successful fashion.

The project has been designed to accommodate narrow floorplates, multiple entries, and correspondingly small, more affordable apartments and incubator commercial spaces. All of these features are highly responsive to the needs of the neighborhood residents and businesses. The project massing has been designed to express the geometry and take advantage of the sloping nature of the site.

HUP East

Parking is in an area behind the building, partially enclosed and partially open.  The portions of the parking enclosure that are open are screened by a green screen wall and an overhead trellis.

In commercial zones adjacent properties can be developed to the property line, so projects have to be designed to work both in their current form, and in a future condition with a neighbor built up against it. The NE blank wall features unit balconies that create depth and shadow, and a composition of colored panel siding to add visual interest.  The SE blank wall features a frame-infill pattern that echoes the Denny facade.  A portion of this wall has been set back three feet to allow for windows in the façade to increase visual interest.

The project features a number of high quality materials that are selected with durability and appropriateness to climate in mind.  Project materials include Integrally colored GFRC cement panel siding (OKO skin), Anodized aluminum storefront, powder-coated steel canopies and decks, vinyl windows, rainscreen installation of all sidings, exterior insulation of all roofing.

Permits are expected to be ready for a Spring 2015 start of construction.


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Valley 3

AUGUST 31, 2014 | EDITOR

Cascade Built, the award-winning builder and developer of Seattle’s first passive house has completed Valley 3, its third project in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood along the alley between John and Thomas on 27th Ave. Built to surpass Built Green 4* certification with the integration of Passive House airtight construction principles, Valley 3 is a modern triad composed of 3-story / 3 bedroom / 3 bath homes — one 2,300 square foot single family home, which faces 27th Ave, and two 1,750 square foot townhomes situated along the alley.


Valley 3’s unique design includes a reclaimed brick paver pathway — salvaged from another nearby project — which connects each of the three homes to the street, and an exposed steel beam separating the single family home’s open kitchen and living space. Additional finishes include sealed concrete floors, sustainable countertops, radiant heat bathroom floors and contemporary stainless steel Energy Star appliances. Valley 3’s concrete and wood façade blends well with the neighborhood’s mixed traditional and contemporary design esthetic. Each home also provides considerable outdoor amenities including a private rooftop deck with neighborhood views, and onsite parking prewired for electric car charging.


Valley 3’s airtight construction reduces heating and cooling costs by approximately 50%. For future homeowners this energy performance translates into a substantial savings on heating and cooling and an increase in thermal comfort — even on cool, damp days.


Madison Valley is known for its walkability, boasting a Walk Score of 85. Valley 3 is located steps from the Madison Valley retail corridor, great restaurants, parks, transit and a short distance to Capitol Hill’s vibrant Pike/Pine neighborhood.


Valley 3’s green features include:

- Built to surpass Built Green 4* certification

- Airtight construction consistent with Passive House

- Milgard high performance windows

- Healthy indoor air quality with non-toxic finishes and zero VOC paint throughout

- State of the art energy efficient heating and ventilation system that maintains fresh air

- Durable construction with long lasting, maintenance-free materials and finishes

- Xeriscape landscaping with drought tolerant, native plants

- Minisplit for added heating and cooling efficiency


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Madison Valley in the Top 5 Neighborhoods


Madison Valley is among the top five hottest Seattle neighborhoods of 2014 based on the places that are trending among the millions of homebuyers searching on leading into the new year. Common features shared by the hottest neighborhoods include highly rated schools, short commutes, and affordable prices. Instead of creating a list of the consistently or historically popular neighborhoods in each city, Redfin analyzed the growth in their website visitors’ pageviews and homes they added as Favorites and collected Redfin agents’ insights into which neighborhoods have seen the biggest growth in popularity among today’s homebuyers. 

#1 Phinney Ridge  Median Sale Price in 2013: $502,625
#2 Madison Valley......................................................$575,000
#3 Northeast Bellevue..............................................$505,000
#4 North Rose Hill......................................................$431,500
#5 West Bellevue........................................................$690,000

You can read the full report on Redfin's blog.


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Aegis Living Scheduled to Open October 2013


Several people have asked me about the construction on the northeast corner of East Madison and 23rd. The new building will be the location of Aegis on Madison, an assisted-living community providing care for seniors. Headquartered in Redmond, Aegis is a locally owned company with 28 communities in Washington, California, and Nevada.  

To find out more, I met with Marc Nowak, Vice President of Operations at Aegis Living. Marc gave me a virtual tour using a touchscreen television, which illustrated areas of the facility in detail. The thought and care that has gone into the building design and the needs of the guests is impressive. 

This first image is a view of the building, heading east on Madison. Notice the Queen Bee Cafe on the corner. Open to the public, this cafe will offer gourmet coffee and crumpets with speciality toppings.

Aegis 1

This next image is an illustration of a studio apartment. Lovely!

Aegis 10

This is the entrance to the building on 22nd Ave East. The building was design by architect Wolf Saar of VIA Architecture, a firm headquartered in Vancouver, BC with an office in Seattle. The builder is Andersen Construction. 

Aegis 2

The building is designed to look like a fine boutique hotel. In this rendering of the lobby you can see the finishes and furnishings.

Aegis 3

This is the dining room. The sous chef from Cafe Juanita was recruited to work at the Aegis in Bellevue. A decision on the chef for the Madison location has not been finalized, but based on my conversation with Marc it's clear they are putting thought and effort into the selection. 

Aegis 4

A Tuscan-inspired wine cellar and private dining room are available for guests to host private dinners.

Aegis 5

On the main level is a movie theater! Marc tells me Dancing with the Stars is a popular show at Aegis in Bellevue. 

Aegis 6

An all-inclusive spa and fitness center is available on-site. Working with local educational partners, Aegis is constantly in pursuit of the latest holistic wellness treatments, both Eastern and Western. 

Aegis 7

The Sky Lounge and rooftop deck will provide a wonderful place to have a cocktail, view the skyline, and enjoy an outdoor fireplace. 

Aegis 8

The Man Cave is a sports bar in the basement, which will offer six wide-screen televisions, a poker table, beers on tap, and dart boards. 

Aegis 9

Aegis Memory Care

The second floor of the facility is dedicated to those in need of Memory Care. This specially designed space has a secure outdoor patio, which is designed to look like Madison Valley of yesteryear. The faux building facades are actual reproductions of buildings that were once in the area. 

Aegis 11

Short Term Stay

In addition to providing full-time care for residents, Aegis will also provide short-term stay options. If you're caring for someone at home, but need to leave town for a few days or weeks, Aegis can provide short term care for your loved one. 

Day Care

Along the same lines as short-term care, if you have a loved one who would simply enjoy activities and the company of others during the day, Aegis will offer day programs. 

Aegis Madison Facts

  • 104 units. Most units are studios or one bedrooms ranging from 300-700 sq. ft. 
  • 52 parking spaces in the underground garage
  • Pet friendly

For More Info:

Starting in June, the Aegis Sales office, located in Madison Park, will be open 10:00–6:00 every day. 1928 43rd Ave East #8, Seattle 98112

Aegis and Bastille Bash

Aegis will have a booth set up at Bastille Bash for neighbors to learn more about the new Aegis Madison facility. 

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