News of Madison Valley

A Parklet in Madison Valley

JUNE 21, 2014 | EDITOR

Parklets convert on-street parking spots into public spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy. Parklets have been popular in other cities for many years. This year Seattle is running a test program for parklets. 15 parklets have been permitted, including one in Madison Valley.


The Madison Valley parklet (view plan) will be located in front of Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse. The design includes benches, tables, and lots of planter boxes with seasonal plantings (sketch).

While the city provides permits for uses of the parking spaces, construction and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the parklet applicant. In our neighborhood, Zander Natallanni, owner of Harbour Pointe, is the applicant.

Construction and installation of the parklet will begin in July of 2014.


Topics: Beautification, Community Planning