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Action Requested: Madison BRT!


Dear Neighbors,

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is about to propose Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Madison. 

Currently SDOT is favoring ending the BRT at 23rd Ave East and East Madison. This means Madison Valley would not benefit from the BRT at all. This would be a huge loss for our neighborhood. The ability for residents to travel down Madison quickly, as well as the ability for customers from downtown and Capital Hill to get to Madison Valley would be great for us. 

In addition to providing rapid and improved bus service on Madison would also give numerous infrastructure improvements along Madison. The new improvements include intersection improvements, street lighting, and new sidewalk and bus stop improvements that our neighborhood would benefit from! 

The pending traffic pattern changes due to the 520 will impact the businesses since most people will be using 23rd to access the bridge. The BRT is an opportunity to bring shoppers to our businesses on Madison from the Coleman dock and downtown hotels near Madison. This will help the restaurants and shops we love stay in business. 

The funding for the BRT will come from the Move Seattle ballot initiative this November and a vote by the state legislature for matching funds, but SDOT’s recommendations to City Council are going to happen very soon. 

If you want to support extending BRT to Madison Valley please email Maria right away. Let her know that you support BRT coming to Madison Valley. Tell your friends to reach out to her. She needs to hear from our community that we want BRT to come to Madison Valley. 

Please send an email to: 

Maria Koengeter
SDOT - Transit Advisor
[email protected]
206-684-3238 Fax 

Comprehensive information with maps, designs, routes, cost, etc:
Madison BRT FINAL Boards.pdf

More info at the government site:

Thank you,
Lindy Wishard
Madison Valley Community Council


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