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AFH Charity Drive: Sweethearts wanted!



This Valentine’s Day, we want to share the love. And you’re invited!


Our goal is to take care of people everyday. While it’s usually for clients, we strive to give back to our community and provide care for people who do not walk into our salon. This has included participation in fundraising events, providing haircutting services at Mary’s Place emergency shelter and our ongoing toiletry drive; we collect travel and full size items to donate to Mary’s Place throughout the year. This being the season of hearts and valentines, we want to extend the invitation to everyone!


Annie works with another stylist to get this young girl ready for the big party at SoDo Park!

We invite you to participate in a special Valentine’s Day drop for Mary’s Place. Donate small items at AFH by February 12th. We want to make this a special day for as many families as possible! We encourage beauty and toiletry items - nail polish, toothbrushes, tampons, lip balm, shower products, deodorant. We will also accept new and in-original-packaging underwear (for men, women and children), socks, bras, snacks (granola bars, chocolate bars, microwave popcorn), and reusable grocery bags.

Due to space limitations, we cannot accept larger items. If you have bigger items to donate, we encourage you to check out the Mary’s Place website for a full list of accepted items and drop-off times.

Need a little motivation? Take it from Dana Olsen — the bride whose husband-to-be cancelled the wedding 3 weeks prior, and she donated the entire reception to the families of Mary’s Place. We had the privilege of joining other stylists and makeup artists in getting everyone glam for the big night. Grab your tissues and read the full story here.

Please join us! We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces spreading the love :)


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