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April Police Reports


The number of incidents reported to the police for Madison Valley was approximately the same in April as in March—about 30 cases—but there were more serious incidents than in March. Once again car prowl theft was the leading type of offense (6 reports). This summer the Seattle Police will be stepping up their patrols in the Arboretum/Japanese Garden area to combat the car prowl problem there.

There were four residential break-ins in our neighborhood during April.

1. Sometime during the day on April 3rd, an intruder broke down the front door of a residence in the 2500 block of E. Madison, and stole approximately $1500 in cash and jewelry. Police were able to recover fingerprints left by the burglar.

2. On April 16, a resident in the 900 block of E. 24th Ave reported that someone had stolen several items from his unlocked truck parked on the street and had also entered his house and stolen additional items. The total loss was estimated at around $5,500.

3. During the late afternoon or early evening of the 21st someone forced open the front door of a residence in the 1700 block of 29th Ave. and stole computer equipment and credit cards.

4. On April 30th someone broke into a home in the 2900 block of E. Thomas St. The intruder caused property damage, but the police report does not mention anything having been taken.

Two cases of aggravated assault were reported in April.

1. On the 23rd around noon, members of rival gangs had a fight on the soccer field next to Miller School. Three people were hurt in the fight. At least one of the participants used brass knuckles, and one person brandished a handgun. As a result of the handgun, the school was placed on lockdown. Those injured in the fight refused medical attention.

2. On the 24th, two men who had “worked a job” during the morning and who had been drinking during the afternoon, got into a fight about money. During the fight one of the men repeatedly stabbed the other with a BBQ fork, sufficiently injuring him that he had to be taken to the ER at Swedish hospital.

There were two muggings during April.

1. During the evening of April 1st a boy walking home from a soccer practice was accosted near Pike and MLK by two unknown teenaged boys, one of whom brandished a switch blade knife. The assailants took two backpacks that the boy was carrying and fled south on MLK. The backpacks contained approximately $500 worth of clothing, soccer equipment, books and a cell phone.

2. Around 10 P.M. on the 18th two men brandishing handguns robbed a woman walking in the 1700 block of 24th Ave. After taking her phone and purse, they fled north and the victim called the police. While interviewing the victim, the police learned of a cell phone robbery in the 300 block of 22nd Ave E. that apparently involved two men of the same description, and left to search that area. Being unable to find the assailants there, they resumed interviewing the victim and then learned that two men had been detained by the police after another robbery in the University district. They drove the victim to that location, and she identified the two men as being her assailants.

Among the other incidents reported to the police during April were four cases of harassment, four of property damage/graffiti, three cases of theft or shoplifting, and two license plate thefts.

Longer days and warmer temperatures typically bring higher levels of crime, so we can expect the number of incidents reported to the police to increase in the next few months.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.

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