News of Madison Valley

Assault in Harrison Ridge Greenbelt


On Tuesday, May 13 at 2:30 PM three female residents and volunteers working in the Harrison Ridge Greenbelt were assaulted by stranger. He approached smiling with a friendly greeting. Suddenly, he looked enraged and struck one of us with two fists on the side of the head, knocking her to the ground. He looked at the two standing gardeners with malice and raised fists but abruptly turned and walked away.

He was a white male, mid 30’s and a bit unkempt.


Medics and police were summoned by 911. They both arrived promptly, were efficient and kind. The injured woman was treated at the scene and released home.

With our description, the police were able to locate and apprehend the man within the hour. We identified him and he was arrested.

The Parks Dept. and the police will sweep the Greenbelt on Thursday, May 15 to search for any sign of an encampment. We don’t expect anything but are using all caution to ensure our safety.

We cannot praise the fire fighters/ medics or police enough. They were truly wonderful.

Although our community is very safe, occasionally an incident such as this one will happen. This post is to remind everyone to use good judgment and safety awareness while out and about.


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