News of Madison Valley

Changes to the Madison Valley Website


At the Madison Valley website we’re in the process of expanding our coverage of news and events to include the surrounding neighborhoods, Madison Park in particular.

In this effort, we’d like to encourage more community participation. Anyone is welcome to write articles for the site, as long as they are relevant to the area and of general interest to our readers.

We are also accepting letters to the editor. Got an issue you’d like to raise? Send us your thoughts. All civil points of view are acceptable.

Businesses in the neighborhoods surrounding Madison Valley are welcome to add their listings to our Shopping, Dining, and Services pages, as well as post events on the Events calendar.

Also, if you have a job opening in the area, we can post the opportunity along with our regular news items.

Links for submitting news and events are on the website at, or you can email the editor directly. You can also subscribe to an email digest of our news items — go to the website and click on “Email” near the top of the news column.

We want our website to be your destination to find out what’s happening in and around Madison Valley. Contact the editor with questions or suggestions: [email protected].


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