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Dr. Sarah’s Natural Health Tips: A Natural Outdoor Survival Kit


While exploring your local hiking trails and lake shores this summer, consider these natural products to keep handy.

Pharmaca-Family on BeachArnica

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that uses an ultra-dilute preparation of Arnica Montana, a flower known for speeding up healing time and decreasing pain post-trauma. This remedy is helpful for bruises, concussions and pains associated with sprains/strains from physical activity.


Like arnica, apis is another helpful homeopathic. Made from bee venom, it’s useful as an antidote for bites and stings from bees and other insects, as well as any trauma that results in swelling and throbbing pain.  


In general, sunscreens fall into one of two categories—mineral or chemical. Mineral sunscreens typically utilize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to reflect UV rays. These are not absorbed into the skin, and are stable in the presence of UV radiation. 

Chemical sunscreens use oxybenzone or avobenzone to absorb UV rays, which penetrate the skin and can cause allergic reactions and endocrine disruption. Because of this, a mineral sunscreen is appropriate for most people, but if you’ll be in the water or sweating heavily, a chemical sunscreen may provide longer and more reliable protection.

Bug Repellant

Many companies are manufacturing organic and all-natural bug sprays, rich in essential oils that repel bugs. In addition, making your own bug spray at home is quite simple: just combine 10 drops of strong essential oils like rosemary, citronella, lemongrass or eucalyptus with a natural astringent like witch hazel, in a spray bottle. This concoction is safe for adults and children alike, and you can even use it as a gentle mist on dogs! Avoid use on cats, however, as some essential oils can be toxic to them.


Lastly, if you're out and about, be sure to bring some powdered electrolytes to add to your water, as sweating greatly reduces the electrolyte concentration in your blood, which can cause headache and nausea.

The expert wellness team at Pharmaca Madison Park is always available to discuss natural products that might be right for you. I hope these simple and inexpensive remedies will help to make your summer happy and healthy!


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