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Evening French Lessons at Harbour Pointe Coffee

JUNE 21, 2013 | EDITOR

French native and local resident Virginie Blackmoor is offering beginning French lessons on Wednesday nights at Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse. 

Virginie has been teaching the French language for ten years in Europe and the US. She uses a natural learning method of role-playing and immersion in French culture and cuisine. The class is limited to six people to keep the experience intimate and active.


French Hands-On Experience

In this 1.5-hour class, we spend the first half learning theory and then we spend the second half putting it into practice through role-play. This is not only an incredibly fun and bonding French event, it is also the best way to remember the theory. French food and drinks are included to provide more inspiration.

Virginie Teaching Class

French Hands-on Example

Let’s pretend we are learning what to do and say in a French restaurant, from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Person A is the customer and person B plays the waiter. A and B play their roles covering all sorts of topics, from inquiring whether a table is booked, to asking about the food and ordering, to dealing with problems and paying the check. We always have a lot of fun playing with this French event and it is amazing how much you retain when you are truly involved in a scenario, rather than just listening to a teacher and taking notes.

What’s included?

  1. Weekly French Hands-On Experience described here.
  2. Fun props for role-play activities
  3. French workbook
  4. Weekly audio files related to what we cover each week
  5. Access to our secret Facebook page to keep you in touch with our French community at all times
  6. Extra freebies

Who? Beginners but intermediates looking for a brush up are also welcome.

When? Every Wednesday starting on June 19th 2013, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Where? Harbor Pointe Coffeehouse in Madison Valley, Seattle 

You can sign up for the class at Virginie's website or phone her at 206 617-2716.


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