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Examiner's Ruling on the Appeal by Save Madison Valley


The Seattle Hearing Examiner has issued his decision on Save Madison Valley’s appeal of the master use permit for the City People’s property.

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The examiner found that the city did not do enough work to determine if the project will create significant environmental impacts in two areas: drainage/flooding issues in the Valley, and lighting/shadow impacts to the P-Patch. The examiner told the city (SDCI) to go back and do more analysis on those two specific issues, and re-issue a determination if the project is likely to have significant environmental impacts under Washington’s State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). Other SEPA issues like the slope were affirmed (the examiner agreed the city studied it enough, and no further action is necessary).

The examiner upheld the city’s decision around design review and design guidelines, and denied all aspects of SMV’s appeal in those regards.

The findings and decision can be found here:

And the record of proceedings for the appeal including the decision above is available at


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prv98ivi5oxedvvge [email protected]
Anonymous (3:12 am Mar 3)
Yayyyyyy. It’s finally over! SMV lost and now we can get our community back, and PCC.