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Free Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation!


Because of the pandemic, many people have found themselves homebound and experiencing tightness and discomfort in their bodies. The change of routine has also added to different levels of stress. To manage your condition, consider trying a free online yoga and/or tai chi class at Body & Brain.

The unique wellness program offered by Body & Brain creates proper circulation of energy through movement for harmony and balance for your body, mind and spirit so you can be healthier, happier and feel deep inner peace. And we are offering free classes this month for you to try!

The 45-minute free classes include yoga, tai chi, core strengthening, qi gong, meditation, energy movement, stretching, organ energizing and breathing forms so you can experience the qi energy for healing and uplifting your spirit. The classes go from August 10 through 29.

All you have to do is register at the link below and you may attend as many classes as you wish. Upon registration, you will receive the schedule and the login information for Zoom.

Find this offer online on Google below:

Madison Park Body & Brain
2921 East Madison St, Suite 2, Seattle, WA 98112
[email protected]


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Yoga for Stress Relief Learn to use the ageless methods of yoga to improve center, ease pressure, and change your point of view. The class will cover essential yoga stances, use the breath in development, and investigate alternatives to help center the brain.