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Group Piano Class for Adults in Madison Valley


Local piano teacher Katie O’Rourke will begin offering group piano classes for beginning adult students starting March 19.

The Benefits of Music

Research has shown that playing an instrument helps build self-confidence, concentration, and memory. More recently, research has also shown that music impacts our overall health. A 2005 study* in the Medical Science Monitor found that group-based music lessons — when not focused on performance or — were found to improve mood states, reduce burnout and reverse the effects of stress at the genomic level. People who don’t currently play music can begin learning at any age through recreational group classes or private lessons designed specifically to fit their learning style.


About the Class

Each class of 4–6 beginning students will be introduced to the fundamentals of piano at a relaxing and fun pace. It’s okay if participants don’t have access to a piano, especially for the first few classes, since practice will not be required. There will be performance opportunities for those eager to share their music, but performing will always be optional. After a brief introduction each group will get to choose class activities that suit their unique interests. All styles of music are open for exploration, including classical, jazz and popular music.

For more information vist Registration is available online or by phone at 405 696-SOLO. The Piano Studio of Katie O’Rourke also offers group classes for children and private lessons for all ages and levels.

* Barry Bitman et al. “Recreational music-making modulates the human stress response: a preliminary individualized gene expression strategy.” Medical Science Montior 11, no 3 (2005), 31-4


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