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HALA Outreach and Workshops


City Council is hosting Urban Village Community Design Workshops to help inform City Council and the Office of Planning and Community development about how our Urban Villages should look, feel, and function in support of important citywide goals for increased affordability, design quality, and more diverse housing options throughout Seattle.




The format of the workshops is an opening overview presentation about the Mandatory Housing Affordability program followed by small facilitated conversations. Each small workgroup conversation is supported by a facilitator and note taker.

We welcome a lively interchange of ideas and opinions on the recently proposed zoning changes for your neighborhood, including where the boundary for urban villages should be drawn, what mix of zones best support the context and conditions of local areas, and how to encourage more housing options and elements of livability (including neighborhood amenities such as frequent and reliable transit, community-serving businesses, parks and schools).

RSVP Required. To RSVP, please contact Spencer Williams at or by phone at (206) 384-2709.

Meeting Locations:

Central Area
Tuesday, Jan 31, 6–9 p.m.
Garfield High School 
400 23rd Ave

Tuesday, Feb 28, 6–9 p.m.
Miller Community Center
330 19th Ave E.

Seattle Housing Affordability and Livability
Urban Village Draft Zoning Changes


Topics: Community Planning