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June 2015 Police Reports


After three months of substantially fewer Madison Valley incidents being reported to the police, June saw a return to a more typical number, 56. The increase over May’s total of 43 incidents was due to increases in car prowls and vehicle thefts, which grew from 16 to 25, and burglaries, which grew from 3 to 7 incidents.


1. On June 2 at 8 PM police were called to investigate a burglary that occurred sometime earlier in the day at an apartment on 21st Ave. E near John. The burglar unlocked the front door by removing the screen of an adjacent window that had been left open for ventilation, and then ransacked several drawers in the apartment, taking a laptop and other items not enumerated in the police report.

2. Sometime between 8 AM and 1 PM on June 5 a bicycle worth $1000 was stolen from the fenced patio of an apartment on 24th Ave. near Howell. The burglar apparently jumped over the patio fence and removed the unsecured bicycle from a hook outside the apartment.

3. On June 9 there was a forced-entry burglary at a residence on 25th Ave. near Union, but the police have not released a description of this incident.

4. Sometime during the afternoon of June 10 a burglar entered a residence on Pine near 26th by climbing through a window that had been left open because of the heat. When the residents returned around 5 PM, they noticed that their indoor cat was outside the house and found that their laptops and other computer equipment had been taken. Although other valuable items were not taken by the burglar, the items stolen were worth approximately $2500.

5. On June 20 at 3:08 AM a burglar tripped an alarm at a restaurant on Madison near 28th by throwing a rock through the glass of a French door at the rear of the restaurant. When the police arrived they found nothing amiss other than the damaged door, and an employee subsequently failed to find that anything valuable was missing.

6. On June 22 at around 10:30 PM police were called to a residence on 26th Ave. E near John to investigate an attempted burglary. The burglar broke a window of the home, but found that it was too small to permit entry. The burglar then attempted to enter a nearby residence, but only succeeded in breaking a crank on a window he hoped to open.

7. On June 29th in the late afternoon police were called to a home on 25th near Olive to investigate a burglary that occurred earlier that day. The residents reported that although they had locked the doors to the house when they left in the morning, someone had entered through an unlocked window on the second floor and stolen a laptop worth approximately $1600.

8. Finally, on June 23rd, around 1 AM an armed robbery occurred on 19th Ave. E near Republican St. A woman who was out walking at that time was accosted by a robber described as a white or hispanic male about 5’ 6” tall and wearing a black hoodie. The robber threatened her with a handgun and told her to give him her purse. After giving him her purse, the victim asked the robber to allow her to keep her phone. The robber did so, and after he left the victim called the police. During a search of the area the police found the black hoodie.


Lowell Hargens is a Madison Valley resident and former University of Washington professor of sociology specializing in the statistical analysis of data.


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