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Land Use Notices Madison Valley Area, Dec 18, 2017 - Jan 23, 2018


Here are the Seattle OPCD and SDCI Land Use notices and City planning activities in the last month for communities from 18th Ave. to Lake Washington and E Union St. to SR-520


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2301 E Union St (Midtown Block)

Design Review Early Design Guidance application proposing a seven-story apartment building containing 435 units, retail and restaurant spaces at ground level. Parking for 286 vehicles to be provided below grade. Existing structures to be demolished. Zone: Urban Village overlay, Scenic view within 100 ft., NC2P-75′ (M1), Arterial within 100 ft., NC2P-40′


Proposed Changes to Off Street Parking Requirements
The Seattle City Council is considering proposed legislation (Council Bill 119173) to amend Seattle’s land use code regulations related to off-street parking for motor vehicles and bicycles. The proposal includes a new “flexible use” parking, reduced parking requirements, and clarified definition of frequent transit.

Notice of Public Hearing


152 21st Ave E

Streamlined Design Review application proposing a 3-story structure with 6 townhouse units. No parking to be provided. Existing structure to be demolished. Zone: Lowrise-3, Urban Village overlay, Scenic view within 500 ft., Arterial within 100 ft.

Notice of Streamlined Design Review


1630 43rd Ave E

Shoreline Substantial Development Application to enclose existing covered driveway and install a new boat lift. Project includes a new in ground covered pool, landscaping, and interior and exterior alterations to existing multi-family building. Parking areas to be reconfigured to add additional barrier free spaces and one additional parking space for a total of 80 spaces. Zone: Urban residential, Zoning special street within 100 ft., Archaeological buffer area, Lowrise-3, Wetland, Conservancy recreation, Arterial within 100 ft., Special grading requirement.

Notice of Decision


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