News of Madison Valley

Land Use Notices Madison Valley, June 1 - July 6, 2015


Here are the Dept. of Planning and Development’s Land Use notices pertaining to the Madison Valley community from the last month.


2100 E Madison St 

(a bit outside Madison Valley, but a significant development)

The proposal is to allow a 6-story, 50 unit apartment building with retail located at street level. Parking for 22 vehicles will be located below grade. Existing structure (Firestone Tire Center) to be demolished.

Notice of Design Review Early Design Guidance Meeting

Project # 3020124


224 23rd Ave E

Land Use Application to allow a 4-story structure containing 6 small efficiency dwelling units and 4 apartments. No purposed (sic) parking. Existing duplex structure to remain (12 total units).

Notice of Application

Project # 3020668



Land Use Information Bulletins
Property & Building Activity Interactive Map (Click the markers for more info.)
Design Review Board schedules and documents (New evolving website that has easy links to design proposals)


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