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Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit


Want to learn more about how Madison Street BRT will improve east-west transit in Seattle? Want to see how your input has already helped shape design? Join us at one of our open houses this summer to learn more about the Madison Street BRT project, which will begin construction in 2018.

Madison Street BRT will serve the Downtown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, Central Area, and Madison Valley neighborhoods.


We asked the community for input to develop the concept design last year. Join us in August to see the updated project design, which incorporates the feedback we received. You will be able to provide feedback on the updated design, including roadway and station designs, along with access improvements planned along the corridor. You will also have the opportunity to talk to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and other City staff.

Wednesday, August 3
5–7 PM
Seattle University, Campion Ballroom
914 E Jefferson St

Thursday, August 4
11 AM–1 PM
Town Hall, Downstairs
1119 8th Ave

Tuesday, August 9
5–7 PM
Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA
1700 23rd Ave

August 2–16
Give feedback online!
(Link will go live August 2)

Madison Street BRT will serve the Downtown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, Central Area, and Madison Valley neighborhoods.

Madison Street BRT will provide high-frequency, fast, reliable, and safe public transportation between First Ave and Madison Valley. The project will improve transit access on the corridor, especially for neighborhoods south of Madison St that may have fewer transit options.

Madison Street BRT is the first of 7 new RapidRide lines to be delivered in Seattle as part of the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle. Service is anticipated to begin in 2019.

For more information on the project, please visit our website:

If you have specific questions, or would like to schedule a meeting or briefing, please email us at [email protected] or call Emily Reardon, Public Information Officer, at 206-615-1485. 

Thank you,
Madison Street BRT Project Team


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DAC (9:45 am Aug 10)
Went to the meeting at the YMCA last night. Concerned and asked about #11 route. Talked with a Route Planner. Was told nothing is in stone regarding routes and how they will run post construction of BRT. Suggested #11 could change and possibly be an amalgam with #12 which would route it away from the Pike/Pine corridor and not go to Westlake! Said they would ask for community input about one year out from any changes and BRT opening. The routes indicated on the map on line are the current routes, not what they might be post BRT construction. Seems to me they are putting the cart before the horse. Why would you create a line BRT and get commenty input when know one is allowed to know how the system is going to be integrated. We will need to be vocal and diligent in the next couple of years.