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Madison Valley Merchant Association Changes Format for 2016


Yesterday, a new course was set for the Madison Valley Merchants Association. Moving forward, the focus of the association will be as an educator and a connector.  

What does this mean?

In 2016, the Association will meet officially on the following three dates (no additional meetings the rest of 2015):

February 17, 8:30 am, at Cafe Flora. At this meeting we will focus on Madison Valley Spring Clean and making Madison Valley a Business Improvement Area (a real value for the businesses).

May 18, 8:30 am, at Cafe Flora. At this meeting the plan is to have representatives from Seattle Office of Economic Development and Small Business Administration to discuss what resources are available for businesses in the area. 

September 21, 8:30 am at Cafe Flora. At this meeting we will focus on HOW TO when it comes to Social Media. This will be a BIG help for all businesses to create more business.

In addition to these three calendar dates, the goal will be to mix in a cocktail/happy hour or two so we can continue to share ideas and resources to keep this important business corridor active and thriving!

A big thank you to Lindy Wishard and Nat Stratton Clarke who tirelessly support this Association!  

Also discussed at today's meeting, the Triangle is back in action thanks in large part to Cathy Nunneley's leadership (thank you!). 

And to all of you who will join us again or for the first time in February, we look forward to your positive energy in the new year!

About the Merchants Association

Madison Valley Merchant Association Meetings are open to all merchants and residents and we welcome all participation. 

To join the association please visit: and click on the Membership Form. 


The Madison Valley Merchants Association (MVMA) was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization out of recognition that businesses could be more successful if we worked together toward common goals and objectives. We recognized that we were an integral part of the Madison Valley community. We understood that a thriving business district would provide a valuable resource to the residents of Madison Valley and surrounding neighborhoods. We recognized that we had the best opportunity to succeed if the residents and merchants of Madison Valley worked together as a community.

Mission Statement

Promote and sustain the business and residential community of Madison Valley
Provide an environment where businesses can work together to succeed and flourish
Promote efforts for neighborhood identification and beautification
Provide networking opportunities for merchants
Promote marketing and business building opportunities

Vision Statement

We envision a merchants association where business owners, property owners and residents work together toward increased beautification, profitability and sustainability.

Geographical Boundaries

The geographical boundaries of the MVMA are:

East Madison Street from 23rd Avenue to 32nd Avenue.
East Denny to the south.
East Helen Street to the north


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