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McGilvra Celebrates 100 Years With Centennial Pavers


This year McGilvra Elementary School is celebrating 100 years of educating Seattle children. The PTA will be selling centennial brick pavers between now and June 30th.

McGilvra Paver

These pavers will be placed in the outside walkway leading up to the entrance of the school. If you or your children attended McGilvra, or if you would like your business represented, you are invited to purchase a commemorative paver from the PTA. Your donation directly benefits the ongoing education enrichment programs that make McGilvra the great school that it is. The pavers come in the following sizes and prices: 4.5" x 9" $150, 9" x 9" $500 and 18" x 18" $1,000. Purchase of the two larger pavers includes the placement of a small item in our time capsule. Later this year, McGilvra will be receiving an historic landmark designation from the City of Seattle. Your name or your child's name will be represented at McGilvra for the next 100 years to come! For information or to receive an order form, please email [email protected].


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