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McGilvra Elementary Completes Successful Run-a-thon


Congratulations to the students at McGilvra Elementary for a hugely successful Run-a-thon on October 10th. For the second year in a row, Bert’s Red Apple has been the main sponsor for this event. The students go out and collect pledges using their pledge forms or personalized web pages that were made for each student. The kids then run the perimeter of the soccer field or school, depending on their grade, for one whole hour! 

McGilvra Runners

This year the school has a goal of $55,000. The kids have until October 28th to turn in their pledges. The money raised goes towards various programs not funded by Seattle Public Schools such as art and supplies, reading and math support, a school counselor, teacher grants, and classroom tutors. McGilvra is so thankful for all the support they received around this event. Trainers from FT Training came to warm up the kids, ladies from the Seattle Reign came to cheer them on, and Ari and his band from The Music Factory played to keep the kids going. 

The student who raises the most money will receive four VIP tickets to the Lion King, generously donated by the Paramount Theater.


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