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Metro Alternative Three - Updated Apr 2, 2015


Updated April 2, 2015 to Alternative 3B

Madison Park resident, Reg Newbeck, has been following the more than 100 comments posted on NextDoor* regarding the two alternatives presented by SDOT for new Metro bus routes to Madison Park and Madison Valley. Reg studied the concerns voiced in the comments, and has put together a suggested Alternative 3. Please note this is not an SDOT official alternative—this is a recommendation from a resident. It addresses many of the concerns related to our neighborhoods. This Alternative 3 has been shared with the SDOT project coordinators.



 – Run down MLK to MLK & E Madison, to E John, then to CHS (Capitol Hill Station) only.

 – Look into covering 19th Ave E portion of route 12.
 10 – Leave run as is.
 11 - Run to and from Madison Park to the Coleman dock at 15 minute intervals. Run to from Madison Park to Broadway and Pine south to Madison to Coleman dock. Downtown Pike/Pine access via tunnel at CHS or at Broadway.
 12 – Drop, replace with 9 and 11.
 38 – New Run from CHS to Seattle Center and SLU (South Lake Union).
 43 – Drop in favor of 48.
 48 – Run from current route on 23rd/24th Ave to UW.
 49 and 60 – Combine with route 60 to pick up north portion of 49.

Major transfer points:

MLK and E Madison 8 and 11
22nd Ave E and E John 8, 11 and 48
CHS 8, 38, and 49
Broadway & Pine 9, 11, 49, 60 and street car


Keeps access to business all along Madison, Central Community College, places of worship, Seattle University, Swedish Medical Center, Pill Hill, Virginia Mason, Poly Clinic, major downtown hotels, downtown financial district, downtown Public Library and Coleman Terminal plus the new waterfront. The John corridor gives access to Group Health and CHS.

The new routing should drive traffic to the 8 and 11 and people can still easily get to the shopping area downtown via Light Rail or bus from Broadway.

The 11 goes diagonally through town, and still services downtown and the businesses on Madison. This could be replaced with BRT if and when.

Route maps at:


*If you are not using the website NextDoor, I encourage you to subscribe. This neighborhood based website allows for discussion of issues related to our communities. Sign up at


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