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Metro March 2016 Restructure Will NOT Impact Routes 8 and 11 (For Now)


I just got the news on Monday, November 16, that the 8 and 11 bus routes will NOT be impacted as part of March 2016 restructure. The plan was to have the buses turn north at 19th Ave East and East Madison, but Metro and SDOT have come to the conclusion that the turn is not practical or safe for the intersection. 

So we will have both buses, as is, meaning that users who wish to get to Light Rail will have the option of transferring at MLK to the Route 8, walking two blocks north on Broadway or catching the Light Rail downtown at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. 

Riders of the current 43 will benefit since they will be able to catch the 8 going up East John/Thomas without the gap in service between 19th and 23 Ave East. 

I believe this is good news for all who use the 8, 11, and even the 43. Our next issue will be the impact of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Madison stopping at MLK and not going to Madison Park. Given what we experienced with Metro in the last eight months we have every right to insist the BRT go to Madison Park and/or that we maintain adequate bus service to the Park.


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