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Music Factory Holiday Offer


Our teachers are looking to fill a few more spots in their schedules this winter and we want to reach out to friends of the Music Factory first.

Because we love our students and the families that helped us build this business into a success, we’re offering a free lesson for any returning student. No strings attached. We're just excited to have you back. 

Our teachers are reporting overwhelming and inspiring results with online lessons. Results which have confirmed for many of us why we became teachers and students in the first place. For the first time, because of Covid, our students can take lessons from our instructors anywhere where there is wifi or phone signal. 

You can sign up for classes online classes today. If you prefer in person instruction, we’re following every protocol to create the healthiest possible environment for the education of students of any age. Whether you’re nine or ninety, music if for you. 

This offer is valid through Dec 31st.

Our exclusive Welcome Back GIFT certificates can be processed via accounts on file, by phone or this link on our website:

Each referral between now and New Year’s day will also credit you a free lesson refer a friend and let us know you did with the code #BlackFridayReferal2020

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