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MyKabin Officially Completes Its First Backyard Cottage As Seattle Detached ADU (DADU) Landscape Shifts


A Madison Valley couple is the owner of the first MyKabin DADU build, exemplifying their special turnkey construction process that lowers costs while saving time, resources & headache.

MyKabin, a Seattle construction firm specializing in making it easier, faster and less expensive for homeowners to build a personalized and sustainable detached accessory dwelling unit, just completed its first backyard cottage build at a Madison Valley home. This comes after citywide changes to a variety of regulations affecting accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) come into effect, loosening regulations and making it easier than ever for Seattle homeowners to build on-property dwellings. With their first backyard cottage officially completed and the city primed to welcome an expansion of DADU builds, MyKabin Co-Founders Clint Jones and Tom Todaro are eager to share their uniquely affordable, customizable and simplified DADU solution with Seattle-area families.

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MyKabin spent almost a year working with the city, engineering every aspect of the design from the foundation to the roof. The time and technology investment allow them to offer an easy, hassle-free, turnkey option for building a backyard cottage at a price most Seattle homeowners can afford. For Ronnie & Wendy Cunningham, Seattle natives and owners of the newly finished inaugural MyKabin DADU, building a DADU in the backyard of the Madison Valley home bought in 1975 had been a goal for years. But after fourteen months of navigating the city’s permitting process and receiving construction bids of over $300,000, the project seemed to be hitting insurmountable roadblocks. Enter MyKabin. “No one else was doing this, building high-quality DADUs doesn’t have to be as expensive or as complicated as traditional construction methods, the Cunningham’s is the first cottage with six more around the city to be completed in the next few months. Consumer response has been very positive,” says Co-Founder Tom Todaro.

MyKabin handles everything without sacrificing customization, from permitting and design all the way through construction, installation and inspection. This closed process is much more efficient than traditional building and allows them to guarantee a no-surprises price tag that’s far below that of typical local options. With sizes from 250-1000 square feet and options for roof design and window/door placement in each, plus a nearly limitless interior canvas, homeowners have the ability to design the Kabin of their dreams without the headache.

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At the base of MyKabin’s smart, streamlined approach is the use of their exclusive Karry Beam foundation and other specialized foundation systems that are non-invasive and can be installed in as little as one day. Removing the need for heavy machinery, the foundation systems are more sustainable by allowing almost all of the existing landscaping to stay in place. Because MyKabin does everything for one installed price, they can guarantee a lower price that’s completely transparent and unchanging, starting at $111,000 for small-size cottages.

“It was exactly what I needed, and night and day compared to what I was looking at with other options. It’s a better product at half the price. When I heard about MyKabin, I told Tom I wanted to be their first customer,” says Ronnie Cunningham. For him and his family, MyKabin was the solution to make the dream of creating a cottage on their property achievable: turnkey, affordable, sustainable, customizable. The Cunningham Kabin at 432 31st Ave E will play host to an open house from October 19-27th, 8am-8pm daily, allowing Seattleites a special up-close & in-cottage view of what a MyKabin build can be. MyKabin team members will be on hand to answer questions and to help visitors search to see if their home is eligible for a DADU.

MyKabin Open House
Oct 19–27
432 31st Ave E
8am-8pm daily


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