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No Toys in the Pit!


Seattle Public Utilities has asked that we refrain from placing children’s toys in the Storm Water Retention Pond.

The pond is a lovely green space with wonderful plantings, designed in accord with the wishes of a majority of residents. But because the pond can fill with water, it was not intended to be a playground for children. The city is facing liability issues and will have to remove any toys on the grounds. If maintaining the area becomes too difficult, it is possible that SPU would have to fence it off. Owners of the toys are asked to remove them voluntarily.

Alternative Play Space

If a group of residents would like to create a play space for children at a different location, I suggest we organize, fundraise, and collaborate with the city. No one is objecting to a play space — it just can’t be at the pond.

If you have questions or concerns please bring them to the Madison Valley Community Council or contact me directly. Thanks!

Lindy Wishard, President
Madison Valley Community Council, 206 552-0345

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