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Police and Fire Scanners


Like many in the neighborhood, I heard the sirens of police racing to Madison Park last week. To learn what was happening, we logged into the live broadcast of the Seattle police scanner. 

For over an hour we listened to the reports come in. We followed along as the divers and the row boat were deployed in an effort to find a suspected drowning victim. Thankfully, there was no victim and no one was hurt.


Photo by Matthew Zalewski


Should you ever want to hear what’s happening in the city go here:
Seattle Police Scanner

Also, the Seattle Fire Department maintains a real-time dispatch log on the web that you can view any time to see what’s going on.
Seattle Fire Realtime 911

The website has taken it a step further to include a real time plot on a Google map of recent and active incidents.
Seattle Public 911

The police and fire department asks that you not visit an active crime or fire scene.

A link to the full story regarding the suspected drowning victim, found safe in his home, is here:
Presumed Madison Park drowning victim found safe at home.


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Tee Earls (5:32 pm Aug 16)
Thanks! I would also add a site that allows you to proactively get an SMS for certain calls near addresses you care about ( and another scanner audio site that broadcasts Seattle Fire and the East & South precincts (