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Proposed Metro March 2016 Service Changes Transmitted to King County Council Tue Aug 25, 2015


I just received the following in email from the Lead Metro planner on the proposed March 2016 bus changes: 

The service change ordinance was transmitted to the King County Council today.  Information about the recommended changes is now available on the Metro website:

Here’s a link to the Route 11 info sheet. 

Here is the link to the other bus changes: 

As you can see in the updated system map, Routes 8 and 11 would share a common path between Madison Valley and the west side of Capitol Hill. Both would serve the segment of E Madison between 19th and 23rd Avenues, and both would connect with Capitol Hill Station. There would be no loss of coverage on E Madison Street, as Route 12 would serve Madison west of 19th Avenue E. The segment of E Madison Street between 23rd and 19th would have considerably more service than today, and new connections to Seattle Center, South Lake Union and the Central Area. The County Council will deliberate the proposals over the coming weeks.

Please check the Council website for opportunities to share your comments about these changes with Council members directly.


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