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Saying goodbye to Rover’s…but not to Thierry


Saturday night my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary by dining at Rover’s. It was also our last chance to celebrate a special occasion at that fine establishment. After 25 years, Rover’s closed its doors yesterday. But Thierry and Kathy Rautureau are still part of our neighborhood!

Thierry at Rovers

In addition to running their world-famous restaurant, they have lived in Madison Valley, sent their sons to local schools, and will still be busy running Luc, their local French neighborhood restaurant.

And look for Thierry's name around November, when a new restaurant somewhere downtown will be announced! But I've already said too much…

Rover’s has been a special occasion restaurant for us for years. I remember waddling over there exactly nine years ago celebrating another anniversary. I was bemoaning the fact I was nine months pregnant and would surely be the only woman in the restaurant who looked like a blimp. Then we sat down right next to a couple celebrating their anniversary…and she was nine months pregnant as well! 

Five years later some other moms and I began the tradition of having lunch at Rover's on a Friday each September after our kids returned to school. Who will take over the space after Rover’s vacates? No takers so far. But I was happy when our waiter told us he would be working at Thierry’s new restaurant once it opens. Goodbye, Rover's—and keep up the good work Thierry and Kathy!


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