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Seattle 2035: Big Ideas Event


Seattle is preparing to update its Comprehensive Plan in 2015. The Comprehensive Plan guides our growth and development. Many of the improvements we gain in our community today, and the community based funding process for them, is a result of the work that created our current Comprehensive Plan, which is amended each year by an open process. Our current plan is the result of work in 1994 that projected our vision up to 2014, initiated the Neighborhood Planning process that is now used as a model by cities around the country, and resulted in the creation of the Department of Neighborhoods. 

The Comprehensive Plan had an update in 2004 to adjust for the growth we should expect up to 2024. Now, we are invited to engage in a year-long process, via numerous forms and varied levels of involvement, that will define what we want our city to be like in 2035. The initial public event, on Thursday, January 30 from 4:30–8:30 PM at the Olympic Sculpture Park should be very interesting, exciting, and provide big picture context for what we will be asked to consider as far as how we evolve as a community in our city within our region. Read event info here. The project website is here.


Topics: Community Planning