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Seeking Landscape Architect / Environmental Designer


Request for Qualifications

The non-profit groups the Madison Valley Merchants Association and Madison Valley Community Council (501c3) are soliciting qualifications from individuals or organizations interested in a planning and design effort for the intersection of 28th Ave East and East Madison Street.

Scope of Work

Planning and design of the project should include:

  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • Facilitating at least two community meetings to gather public input for the project
  • Developing concept materials
  • Developing final design and construction cost statement for the approved design concept
  • Communicating with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Department of Transportation to obtain project approvals and permits


$19,000, awarded as a Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant, is available for the current planning and design phase of this project. For the construction phase, Madison Valley will be seeking additional funding, including additional grants, and private funds.

The Design Team

Candidates must have significant experience designing similar project types, landmarks, signage, and streetscapes.

Additional Information

The location of Madison Valley is unclear even to those familiar with Seattle, hence the need for a landmark. This intersection is the center of the business district, and nearly 10,000 people pass this central point by car, bicycle, and on foot everyday. As such it should be an aesthetically pleasing identifier and focal point for the neighborhood.

Confusion exists over the demarcation of Madison Valley vs. the Central District vs. Madison Park. A symbolic landmark in the center of our neighborhood would foster community pride while beautifying the area.

Our plans for the renovation may include restoration of existing traffic triangle and crosswalk, creation of a new neighborhood landmark, and a means to advertise seasonal events.


  • Submittals should include your firm’s qualifications and experience and how it relates to this project.
  • Identify team members and their roles, include resumes.
  • Provide thoughts on your approach to and interest in the project.
  • Provide project descriptions for three of your recent (within the last 3 years) projects of a similar scope and nature. For each of the projects, please provide references.
  • A description of knowledge gained from working with community groups, city departments, and public input processes, will enhance the strength of your submittal.

Submittals may be mailed to Lindy Wishard, 4111 East Madison Street #290, Seattle, WA 98112, or may (preferably) be sent electronically to [email protected].

Direct questions to: Lindy Wishard, [email protected].

Final day to submit RFQ responses: March 8, 2013, 3:00 PM

Proposed Schedule

March 2013: Hiring Committee hires design team
March 2013: Public Design Meeting #1, public input
May 2013: Design team develops concepts, revisions, and with Committee plans next public meeting
June 2013: Public Meeting #2 to present design concept
August 2013: Design is finalized

Thank you for your interest,
Lindy Wishard, President, Madison Valley Community Council
Nat Stratton Clarke, President, Madison Valley Merchants Association

Topics: Beautification