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Shambhala Garage Sale Saturday


Are you doing summer cleaning and removing clutter? Bring the things you no longer want to the Shambhala Center for the AUGUST 13th GARAGE SALE! Proceeds go to fund the Children's Program and the Shambhala General Fund.




Please donate items in good-to-fair and in working condition.

1. Drop off your garage sale items in the marked area at the Shambhala Center between Saturday, August 6 and the day of the sale, Saturday, August 13, by 10:00 AM. Items will be moved to a safe and dry storage place before the sale.

2. Please request special storage for items that are of high value or very large by emailing [email protected] with a description of your donated item.

Donations could include: lawn mowers, cars, and bikes; books, artwork, cameras, musical instruments, LPs, and CDs; current computers, software and electrical devices; kitchen and garden items; tools and shop equipment; furniture, rugs, clocks and lamps; clean linens, towels, blankets and fabric; sewing machines; clothing and accessories; toys, games, sports and camping equipment; meditation supplies, and etc. Cash donations happily accepted.

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Questions? Please contact Robin at [email protected]Thank you for supporting the Seattle Shambhala Center! 

Saturday, Aug 13
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
3107 E Harrison St, Seattle WA


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