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Temporary lane restrictions begin next week at the 23rd Ave and E Madison St intersection


The 23rd Ave Corridor Improvements Project has sent out this notice:

Starting as soon as Thursday, September 29, crews plan to begin temporary lane restrictions at 23rd Ave and E Madison St in order to start paving the intersection. While some travel lanes on E Madison St will be closed during this work, crews will keep two-way eastbound and westbound traffic on E Madison St open. As a reminder, access from E Madison St to northbound 23rd Ave is now closed to traffic. The full northbound closure with detour to Martin Luther King Jr Way from E Union St to E John St will remain in place until the completion of construction in early 2017. Southbound 23rd Ave remains open.

The purpose of the E Madison St lane restrictions is to maintain access to businesses and residences and reduce how many full intersection closures at 23rd Ave and E Madison St intersection will be required. Crews will complete this work during regular business hours, but the lane restrictions will stay in place over the weekend to keep drivers from entering the unfinished work zone. This work is expected to last for multiple weeks. See the flyer for more information, and please stay tuned for schedule updates.
Bus stops for King County Metro routes that travel east and west through the intersection on E Madison St, including routes 11 and 84, may be temporarily shifted around the work zone during this work. Please look for posted alerts at your bus stop, sign up for Transit Alerts, or call Metro at 206-553-3000 for more information.

Crews anticipate upcoming intersection work at 23rd Ave and E John St

Sometime over the next couple of weeks, crews will install pole foundations at the 23rd Ave and E John St intersection. Due to the location of energized trolley wires over the intersection, this work may require temporary lane shifts or intersection closures. We will share more information once the work and schedule details are confirmed.

Other reminders

  • Artist Martha Jackson Jarvis is in Seattle this week to prepare the new public artwork that will be installed at the southeast corner of 23rd Ave and E Union St.
  • Neighbors can expect intermittent closures of E Olive St (on the east side of 23rd Ave) and E Pine St (on the west side of 23rd Ave) over the next few weeks as roadway demolition, paving, and sidewalk work continues.
  • Temporary driveway and sidewalk closures are ongoing as crews continue work in Zone C, from E Union St to E John St. Please use caution and pay attention to sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours.
  • The Office of Economic Development is continuing to work with businesses to address their needs. If you have questions, please email or call Michael Wells at [email protected] or 206-684-8612.

For more information

Email: [email protected]
Call the 24-hour project hotline: 206-727-8857


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