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Vandalism On Madison


This morning residents walking along the business core discovered acts of vandalism that occurred during the night. Several planters on East Madison Street between 27th and 29th were overturned, two ceramic pots in front of Jae’s Bistro broken, a large wine barrel planter in front of Voilà! upended, plants in front of Jarbo pulled out, and planter boxes in front of Avenue Properties overturned. 

Fortunately, there were no break-ins. By early evening most of the mess had been cleaned up by merchants. 


Valerie at Jarbo showed me the shrubs pulled out of the planter boxes in front of her store. She graciously planted these during the neighborhood Spring Clean last year. 


Still some cleanup to do in front of Voilà!, but the barrel has been righted. 


While chatting with Jae about last night’s activities, I noticed the graffiti on the fence between Jae’s and the dry cleaner had been painted in the past few days. Thank you, Jae, for taking care of the graffiti!


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Anonymous (8:59 am Jan 28)
Similar 'plant & planter abuse' occurred around the Tully's at 19th