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Woody Lane

MAY 29, 2013 | EDITOR

Resident Andy Goulding recently had a local street widened with a gravel shoulder as a safety improvement.

The curved lane on the west perimeter of the Arboretum connecting 26th and 28th Avenues East has long been hazardous to walkers and pets.

With guidance and support from Councilman Tom Rasmussen, Andy applied for and was awarded $30,000 from Department of Neighborhoods. The road improvement was completed by the Seattle Conservation Corps and the Department of Transportation.

Woody Lane Before

Andy named the refurbished thruway Woody Lane, after his golden retriever. “In my youth,” he says, “I drove our ’58 Chevy fast through this neighborhood, on this street, as a shortcut to I-90. Now we live here and I hate cars driving fast on the street!”

Woody Lane Proposal

Woody Lane After

In addition to being dangerous, the lane was plagued with litter, which Andy personally cleaned up over the years. Taking inspiration from his cause, he composed a “little song.” In the key of C: 

I found a Hostess Cupcake in their trash on Woody Lane,
The packaging looked tidy and intact.
If you were me what would you do, to lighten up your load,
Eat it or throw it in your sack?

I am a litter picker, that’s how I spend my time
To ease my guilty conscience and my woes.
Other people help me; they throw out junk and grime.
Co-dependency keeps me on my toes.

I have a small conundrum, that bothers me a bit,
Like one hand clapping in the woods:
Do people like a road that’s clean, after I’m done cleaning it,
Or do they just like all those packaged goods?

Andy Goulding
View Andy’s Facebook page on the renovation.


Topics: Beautification, Community Planning