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Land Use Notices Madison Valley, November 1 - 30, 2015


Here are the Dept. of Planning and Development’s Land Use notices in the last month for communities from 21st Ave East to Lake Washington and E Union St north to SR-520.




1834 38th Ave E

Land Use Application to allow a new single family residence with a variance. Parking for two vehicles to be provided. Zone: Single Family 5000

Notice of Decision


728 21st Ave E

Land Use Application to allow an 8,932 sq. ft. addition to an existing institution (Holy Names Academy). The project includes removing and replacing an elevated walkway with a 2-story addition for cafeteria expansion, common area, conference room and rooftop deck. Zone: Single Family 5000, Arterial within 100 ft.

Notice of Decision


112 27th Ave E

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into four unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.  Zone: Lowrise-1, Potential slide area, Liquefaction prone soils Note: the original lot was divided last year, and the plans call for rowhouses on the street front and townhouses on what is the back half with the address 118 27th E.  

Notice of Application



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