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Second Round of Public Comments on PCC Bldg


Wednesday night is the second opportunity to comment on the proposed building replacing City People’s. The architect and developer have modified the design in response to community input and will be presenting their new version to the public.




The modified plans can be seen here: (big PDF, could take a minute or two).

For those wishing to submit comments by email:

Deadline for Letters: Tomorrow Noon
Email To: [email protected]
In the subject line reference the project number: 3020338, 2925 E Madison St.

The public meeting will be:

October 26, 2016 6:30 PM
Seattle University
1000 E. James Way
Fr. LeRoux Conference Center - Student Center 160


Topics: Construction
Editor (12:30 pm Oct 26)
Grocery customers will enter the parking garage off Madison Street, where the entrance to the City People’s parking lot is today. Residents will enter from an entrance on Dewey Place. Splitting the entrance is intended to mitigate traffic congestion. There are approximately 75 spaces for grocery/retail customers and 75 spaces for residents.
Janice Rabkin (12:00 pm Oct 25)
What will be the traffic mitigation along Madison? How many parking spaces for owners and PCC customers?